NANOWRIMO 2019 (11 out of 30)

To keep myself on track with my writing during this year’s Nanowrimo, I intend to post once every day, tracking my progress and updating/teasing you all on the progress I’m making! Posts will be up one day after the work was done (so work for November 1st is in a post on November 2nd etc).

November 11th Wrap-Up

Working title: The Merging
Words written pre-NaNoWriMo: 17 418
Words written November 11th: 1540
Total words written during NaNoWriMo: 13 743
Project’s total # of words: 31 161

Wrote about half of Chapter 12 today – action-y chapter, which is not my biggest strength. Luckily my main character is a bit more of a sneaky rogue, so I could describe most of the action from afar.

Project quote of the day

“Fuck”, he said as he saw them, “you had to make us think there was a bomb raid?”

“Blame David”, Bree replied. “We don’t have much time. Need some help getting everyone out?”

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