Writing is my great passion in life. I started jotting down stories the moment I learned how to write proper sentences (i.e when I was about 7 years old) and since then I haven’t been able to stop. In fact, writing is one of the ways that helps me keep a clear head; if I end up in a situation where I, for an extended period of time, am not able to write down these little stories that just pop up inside my head, I get stressed and anxious. Once, when I was nineteen, this actually led to me having a mild depression (long story short: I tried to study but the unwritten stories in my head blocked me from doing that, but if I sat down and wrote them I wouldn’t be able to study, ergo I just got stressed and did neither).

My main genres are Fantasy and Sci-Fi, usually aimed towards a Teen, YA or NA audience. I have tried to write contemporary stories as well, but if I try to make them longer I usually end up incorporating some supernatural elements to them. Nowadays I tend to write everything down in English to begin with – mainly because I think in English and it’s easier to write it down that way than to mentally translate (yep, I know, I’m Swedish by birth and I think in English – social situations are a mess).

If you check the drop-down menu you’ll be able to find all of the writing projects I have at the moment, as well as my FanFiction projects (fun fact: several of my stories started off as FanFictions, then evolved into original stories).