Reading & Reviewing

I have always loved to read or listen to people read. I think I have my dad, in particular, to thank for that as he always took the time to read to me and my sisters whenever he came home at a good time from work – and he made sure to read both new and old books, as well as children’s comics, to all of us. Neither of my parents discourage me when I brought a ton of books with me on vacation – instead they encouraged me to read and asked questions about what I was reading, making me think and reflect. Unfortunately, as I grew older, school took precedence and novels were replaced by school books. I still tried to read before going to bed, but that was not always possible. When I started university (aged 20) I read about five novels per year – and they were rarely that long. But then, in my fourth and final year at uni, a friend recommended Goodreads – and that helped me get back into reading more consistently. Since then I’ve had reading goals of somewhere between 70-90 books per year – and so far I haven’t failed those.

Other than Goodreads I’m also using NetGalley to find new stories to read and review, which so far has resulted in both ups and downs. My goal for 2017 is to become better at reading the things I get approved for instead of just shelving them and thinking “I’ll read that later” – because that does make me feel rather terrible.

In the drop-down menu above you can find lists of books that I have read, series that I am reading/have finished, readathons I participate in and a way for you – as an author – to contact me regarding reviewing your novel. In the sidebar you can see what books I’m currently reading as well as the books I’m planning to read in the near future.