War of the Throne

Genre: Fantasy
About the series: War of the Throne is a fantasy trilogy set in the world of Dominque. The world is in civil war after the long-ruling family – the Lionstones – were dethroned and caused the two second-mightiest families – the Snaketooths and the Dragonroses – to try and claim the ruling position. At the start of the trilogy the Dragonroses have been in power for 30 years and the Crown Prince is advised to look for a bride. Potential brides from other countries are invited to live and study in Dominque for six months before meeting the Crown Prince at the Royal Ball. One of these potential brides is Angel – who ends up studying at a secret school not approved by the Dragonroses. A school of magic – and rebellion.

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Dragonrose (War of the Throne #1)
Snaketooth (War of the Throne #2)
Lionstone (War of the Throne #3)

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