As written on the Writing page, a lot of my stories start off as FanFictions – and I tend to write short drabbles (though not always publish them) after seeing a movie or tv-show I like for the first time, or reading a good book. I write a lot more FanFics than I actually publish online and a lot of the time I write several pieces of a story (beginning, middle and end) at the same time, but can’t figure out how to connect them and thus push a possible publishing date away.

Something that motivates me to continue a story is finding out that people like it. So comments, favorites, bookmarks, kudos – whatever you may call it, it’s greatly appreciated.

Check the drop down menus to find all the FanFics I have currently published!

  • AO3 account: LadyxGreyWolf
  • FanFiction.Net account: Lady GreyWolf (at the moment I post all of my new stories on AO3 only, so you’ll only find older projects here)


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