Story Excerpt: Facility 3.02B


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     Obi-Wan woke when he felt something tighten around his arms. As he shook himself awake he noticed that those things were what seemed to be straps of white linen, bound around both his wrists and ankles and attached to the wall behind him. After a few thugs, though, he decided that it was not linen but something much stronger.

“Good morning.”

The voice came from a speaker close to the door, which was barely noticeable in the dim room.

“Where am I?” Obi-Wan demanded to know.

“At Facility 3.02B”, the voice answered. “You were brought in yesterday and passed the tests we ran on you, which put you in this room.”

“What sort of tests?” Obi-Wan asked, as he could not remember any such thing.

“Diagnosing your blood. We found a good amount of midi-chlorians in you and an even bigger amount in your companion.”

Anakin! Obi-Wan realized he had been so disoriented that he had not even considered where his friend might be.

“Where is he?” he asked and rose. “What have you done with him?”

He held out his hand towards the door in an effort to pull it open with the Force, but instead felt a jolt of pain run through his arm. He gasped and sank back down onto the ground, unable to stand. The ropes on his wrists were glowing.



Story Excerpt: Look Alike


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She had just poured water into the sink and started to wash up when she noticed the strange sound coming from the washing-machine in the next room. Frowning, she turned off the water, wiped her hands and opened the door to the small bathroom.

The washing-machine seemed to work as usual; the water was on and it was spinning at the right frequency. Still, the strange sound continued.

“How odd”, she muttered to herself, rising from her kneeling position and brushing off her trousers. Perhaps it came from the neighbor’s house; she tended to hear what they were up to and sometimes believe that it happened inside her own apartment.

Shaking her head at herself, she walked out to the sink again and dipped her hands into the hot water. While she scrubbed the plates, the sound behind her increased in intensity.

“What the hell are they doing?” she muttered once she was done and had wiped her hands on a towel. She turned to head out to the door and go bang the others’ door to find out what was making that sound, but she only managed to turn partly when she saw the fire rushing towards her, along with the loud bang that seemed to tear her apart from inside-out.

Her scream was quenched in the flames of the explosion.


One-Shot/Drabble: The Gift of Christmas


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     ”Senator Amidala.”

The guard bowed deeply, though she barely noticed it. She just nodded briefly at him before hurrying inside, almost running up the stairs of the house and opening the door to the bedroom. Not her bedroom, but his. The Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was still so pale, she thought. Briefly she feared he would die, or that he was already dead, but she then her heartbeat slowed down wen she saw that he was breathing.

It had been two days ago now. Obi-Wan had showed up unexpected on her doorstep and she’d asked him to stay over the Holidays. After a while he’d obeyed, saying that in the Temple he’d never celebrated a real Christmas before.

Senator Padmé Amidala had then made a full schedule for what they would do during the few days left before Christmas. Except for playing in the snow, she’d also planned on taking Obi-Wan on a tour and buy Christmas-presents, and bake lots of cookies and make food for the big Christmas Party that would be held with the rest of Padmé’s family on Christmas Eve.

The day after his arrival (that’d be yesterday) Padmé had planned that they’d take a tour to the Naboo Lakes and go ice-skating, something Obi-Wan had never done before.

“I’ve been gliding on the ice, but not on these things”, he’d said as she’d helped him with the skates. He’d been fairly skeptical to the thin metal that he’d have to balance on, though she’d assured him that it wasn’t that hard, especially for someone as capable as him with the Force.

But obviously she’d been wrong; after just a few minutes Obi-Wan had fallen and hit his head. And since then he’d been stationed in the bed, unconscious.


Story Excerpt: Padawans on Jerion


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“Lin-Hen! Wake up! You’re already late!”

Lin-Hen sat up in her bed. The sun shone through the windows, and the morning-traffic was buzzing by. Her master’s voice sounded very irritated in the two way radio on her desk. Lin-Hen grabbed it, and pressed the answer-button.

“I’m awake”, she said. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“I really hope so”, her master said, before breaking the line. Lin-Hen rubbed her face, before putting on her clothes. Then she rushed out from the flat, down the stairs and through a door. Then, she bumped into a big Jedi.

“Careful, young lady”, he said solemnly. Lin-Hen looked up. The Jedi was about two meters Tall and had long hair and bright eyes. She recognized him as master Qui-Gon Jinn. His Padawan-learner, Obi-Wan Kenobi, stood a few feet away.

“Sorry, master Jinn”, Lin-Hen said. “I was late; I overslept again.”

“You should get an alarm clock”, Qui-Gon said and smiled a little. “I’m sure that Allie would let you have one.”

“Yes, master, I will talk to her about it”, Lin-Hen said, before walking away.


One-Shot/Drabble: Luke’s Letter


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”Father? How are you feeling?”

Luke Skywalker, now at the age of sixty-two, looked up at his son. Ben was standing in the door of their home. Their current home, to tell the truth, as they had a long journey ahead of them. Luke managed to smile at him after a few moments of silence.

“I am just fine”, he said. Ben did not move.

“I know that you are not, father. You can not hide that for me.”

Luke looked away and focused on the small piece of equipment that he had been working on earlier, before he had been lost in thought.

“It’s mom, isn’t it?” Ben said silently. “You want her here as well.”

“Of course I do”, Luke said shortly.

“Father, why don’t you try and contact her?” Ben asked. “I mean, your father came back after his death, did he not? And Master Kenobi and Master Yoda as well, am I right? Why not my mother?”

“You can not just call on someone in the netherworld of the Force”, Luke muttered and threw the small piece onto the table.

“Perhaps not like you call someone by using the HoloNet, but don’t you think that there’s another way?” Ben said. For a moment, Luke felt like screaming at his son, before he realised that he was only trying to help. He needed him, and he needed his son to get through it, once and for all.

“I do not know, son”, he said after a while.

“When you told me about the ancient history you found in one of the holocrons, you said that once they were writing on pieces of wood by using small burners”, Ben said. “I believe that if you sat down and wrote everything down on a piece, mom would show herself to you.”


Story Excerpt: Untitled Multi Crossover


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”Lily, get down from that tree right now!”

“Oh come on, Kiara!” the brunette high above called back. “What’s the adventure in life if you do not take chances?”

“Look, I just have a bad feeling about today”, Kiara answered. “Let’s get back to school and just…”

There was a scream from the school-building a couple of meters ahead. Lily jumped down from the tree and ran alongside her friend along the road.

“What did I tell you?” Kiara said as she yanked the doors open and ran up the stairs.

“Just a coincidence… hey, why did you stop?”

Her friend had stopped in the doorway that led to the big gathering-area, staring at something inside the big room.

“Get it away from me!” one of the teachers screamed. Lily managed to push her way past Kiara and stared at the woman, screaming and waving at something impossible.

“Anne, there’s nothing there”, the history-teacher tried, but Anne the science-teacher just continued.

“It hurts! Get it away from me!”


One-Shot/Drabble: Strength, Truth and Happy Endings


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He had met very few women in his life that held the same kind of power that the former Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, held inside her petite body. She was headstrong, independent, confident and unable to leave an argument unsettled, but he had also found that she was kind, caring, had a beautiful smile and was, above all, the most beautiful woman he had ever met, during any of his travels.

To stand in her presence again, ten years after their last meeting, made him slightly dizzy, something that he tried not to think about since he knew Anakin was head over heels in love with the woman in front of them. He was supposed to be the responsible one, the true Jedi, the one who set an example of how one of such a ranking should act. That was something that he often found easier said than done when it came to Padmé Amidala.

“Master Kenobi?”

His head snapped back up. Once again he had gotten lost in his thoughts. Luckily for him, Anakin was not around as he was patrolling the lower levels of the Senators’ apartment-complex.

“I’m sorry, Senator, I was merely thinking about who might be behind these attacks”, he said. Padmé smiled at him and placed her notepad back on her desk.

“Am I to be worried that you got lost in your thoughts so easy?” she asked. He fought back a blush.

“Of course not.”