Ask For It (Georgian #1)


Started: August 8, 2015
Finished: August 12, 2015

Language: Swedish
Rating: 4/5 stars

An interesting story with an interesting background, although it took me some time to get used to the time period and imagine people wearing wigs… but the characters were entertaining, in their own way, and the thriller-mystery element made it entertaining, because then it wasn’t just the development of a relationship that you looked for but also “who’s the bad guy?”.


Doctor Who: Summer Falls and Other Stories


Started: August 6, 2015
Finished: August 8, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

Doctor Who-fan? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, YES!

This book contains three stories inspired by three Doctor Who-episodes from the 2005 revamp – The Bells of Saint John, The Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen. And while the first story – “Summer Falls” by Amelia Williams (yep, you know exactly who that is, don’t you?) – doesn’t reference actual Doctor Who things like the other two do it’s still just as brilliant.

“Summer Falls” is the story that’s inspired by The Bells of Saint John, but it could just as well be inspired by The Snowmen. And, like I said, there aren’t any Doctor Who things mentioned in this. At least not directly. I mean, there is a man who is sort of kind of (definitely) The Doctor; talks like him, has a “shed” that accidentally made his cat talk…

“The Angel’s Kiss” is The Angels Take Manhattan, but without the presence of Rory and Amy (unfortunately). So it’s not quite like the prop-version of the episode – and no, there’s no chapter called “The Roman in the Cellar” (sadly). But it’s still just as brilliant because, hey, we get to read things from the point of view of Melody Malone (*cough* River Song *cough*), there’s psychic lipstick featured and, yes, there are Weeping Angels to deal with.

After reading “The Angel’s Kiss”, I had no idea how the last story, “The Devil in the Smoke”, could top it. But one sentence in and it already had. Because guess what people we get to follow here? That’s right; everyone’s favorite PATERNOSTER GANG! Vastra, Strax and Jennie running about Victorian London! How brilliant is that?!

Anyway, gonna try and not fangirl too hard about this (which is difficult), but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of the show or who might be interested in watching it. And for those of you who are considering it, here’s what made me absolutely sure that I had to read it ASAP:

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The Maze Runner (Maze Runner #1)



Started: August 4, 2015
Finished: August 6, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Yep, this was a good book. Thanks sis for recommending this to me, really enjoyed it! Although some stuff was kinda predictable – like the fact that Thomas had to get stung by a Griever to get his memories back and figure stuff out, which I was sort of yelling at him (in my own head) since it was revealed what happened during the Changing – but other than that it was good.

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A Christmas Carol


Started: August 5, 2015
Finished: August 5, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

Buddy read with Alice!

For some reason I’ve never actually sat down and read Dickens’ original story, but I still know it very well. That sort of lowered my rating for this because I already knew what would happen, already knew the basic plotline of the story. Perhaps not the actual text but enough to know that it didn’t matter if I skipped a line or two; I’d still understand it all.

I’d still recommend that people do read the original story despite already knowing it, though, because Dickens’ writing is very enjoyable! 🙂

BookTubeAThon 2015: Finish a book without letting go of it

A Wicked Thing (A Wicked Thing #1)



Started: August 4, 2015
Finished: August 4, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty; cursed as a baby, pricked her finger on a spindle and slept for 100 years until, one day, a prince’s kiss woke her up. And after that they’re said to live happily ever after.

This story starts with the supposed “kiss of true love”, only Princess Aurora has never even heard of something like that waking her from her cursed sleep. And the prince who kisses her – Roderic – is definitely not the noble knight in shining armor that we imagine; he’s nervous, shy, not at all the warrior his father wants him to be, and definitely not Aurora’s supposed true love.

The story continues in the same wonderful way with the story (ahem; fairy tale) about Aurora saying that once she wakens everything will turn for the better, but Aurora has absolutely no clue how that’s supposed to happen. The King and Queen just wants her to smile, nod and leave the talking to them, which she definitely not enjoys. She sneaks out, picks locks, makes not-quite-friends-but-also-not-quite-enemies with a (supposedly) dragon-riding prince of a rivaling nation, and of course there’s the evil witch who ones cursed her lurking in the shadows.

In other words; a very good and very entertaining story to read. Not quite worthy of 5 stars, but definitely a strong 4.


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Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely #1)


Started: July 26, 2015
Finished: August 3, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

(rating modified from 4 to 3 stars)

Considering the length of this book it took me waaaay too long to read it. It grew on me towards the end, but most of the time it felt very predictable.


Anyway; the book was quite enjoyable, enough for me to think that yes, I will read at least one more book from this series. But it would work just as well as a stand-alone book – not sure if it was intended as that at first because it does tie up probably every lose end and answer every stated question. But anyway; if I manage to find more books from this series I will continue reading it, but I can’t say when that will happen.


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Of Beast and Beauty


Started: July 26, 2015
Finished: July 28, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars


I went through three stages of after-I-finished this book:

You can’t have a fairytale retelling without a happy ending, now can you? Boy gets girl, the two save their people from ultimate destruction and defeat the baddies. Wooohooo!

2. Wait, the book’s over? There’s nothing else to read about these people? About this world? There won’t be a sequel? It’s OVER???

3. I am now brimming over with feels and don’t know how to function but I’m required to because of family. Please send help.

Anyway, besides those reactions; this book was, as you might have guessed, really good. It’s another wonderful new twist to the classic Beauty & the Beast fairytale – which, if you’ve read my ACOTAR review, you’ll already know is one of my fav fairytales – set in a new world where the concepts of “beauty” and “beastly” differ somewhat, where there’s dark magic craving blood and light magic trying to bring back love. The main characters Isra and Gem are wonderful to read about and thanks to Isra’s blindness you don’t really know how Gem looks until somewhere midway through the book, which leaves your imagination running wild with ideas for how a “beast” might look – if he is really the one meant to be the beast. Because that’s another thing; you don’t really know who the beast is and who the beauty is. In this story they’re sort of one and the same – we all have beauty inside of us, as well as beastly qualities. It’s a matter of what we show to the world in that moment. And that, I think, is a wonderful message to send out.