(a very late) Book Report: November 2016

Okay, so, this is really, really late but I’ve basically spent the first half of December going to London, getting sick and then trying to finish up everything at work before Christmas break – and then I spent the last week trying to catch my breath. Which meant that I did actually get some reading done during this last week, but more on that later. This is the November book report and – you know the drill – it’s inspired by C.R.M Nilsson (link in the sidebar)!

(and yes; when it comes to November I only listened to audio books because I had barely time to sleep, let alone sit down with a physical book)

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Death Sworn (Death Sworn #1)


Started: November 27, 2016
Finished: November 28, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

First thing that I thought when this was recommended to me was “that is a gorgeous cover… oh, yeah, and the plot sounds kinda interesting”.

When I actually found it as an audio book, though, I had trouble starting it. Mainly because of that it was quite short for an audio book, which has spelled some trouble for me before, and also because I felt like it might be too much like a lot of other books I’d recently read.


Jeez, I absolutely loved the story of this novel, and the magic and the characters and the romance – although I was constantly afraid it would turn into a proper love triangle. So, so good! Why not give it 5 stars, then, you might ask? Well, I was a bit disappointed in the world building. As it was an audio book I had no map or anything to flip back to in order to understand how things looked and geography and stuff and then I sometimes got confused regarding if they were inside the caves or not, how far it was between the caves and the village etc. That’s the sole reason for it and thus I still highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Queen of Hearts (Queen of Hearts Saga #1)


Started: November 24, 2016
Finished: November 25, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

I was not at all into this book until the final quarter or so, when I finally felt like I started to connect to the main character. Before that I was just “meh, spoiled princess, not really my cup of tea”. But the final bit of it made up for a lot of it and made me feel like, yeah, I could actually get into this series.

I’m a bit scared of what’s going to happen, though, due to the bloodshed in this novel and the number of characters dying. Though, you know, it’s an Alice in Wonderland retelling. Off with their heads!

The Forgetting


Started: November 5, 2016
Finished: November 17, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Okay, so, I thought this story would go in an entirely different direction. I doubt I would have if I had taken a closer look at both the summary and the list of genres listed for the book on Goodreads.

Quick summary for you all; main character, Nadia, lives in the walled city of Canaan where, every twelve years, people forget their entire lives. Due to this they all carry books on them where they write down everything that happens to them during the day, what they feel and think and who they’re friends and family are. There’s just one small issue: since everyone forgets everything, it’s easy to lie and create a new life for yourself every twelve years. Nadia knows this – because her father did exactly that, and Nadia is the only one in Canaan who has never forgotten. As the next Forgetting approaches, Nadia – along with the glassblower’s son, Gray – starts to notice things about the city that do not make sense, as well as things outside the city, which is not a place that people should venture into. Together they try to solve the riddles of Canaan before the Forgetting happens – before Nadia, once again, is the only one to remember the truth.

And now a part of the review that does contain spoilers.

When I started this I was convinced that I would be experiencing something akin to The Maze Runner where the people in Canaan were held in their city and made to forget because of some experiment created by the government. Imagine my shock when I realized that this was actually about a frikking space colony gone wrong! Oh, I love when books do that to me!

Other than that little spoiler, I also enjoyed the characters and the romance. What makes me not give it a 5 star rating is mainly that I would have liked more world building, because I had quite a bit of trouble imagining the setting from time to time. But other than that; man, this book was good!

Book Report: November 2015

So November’s been a stressful month for me. We’ve been doing National Exams in school – or my students have and I have been grading them. And at the same time we’ve also had some issues with the kids’ parents and teachers who have left because they could not handle being treated like shit anymore. So definitely a month I’m glad to leave behind.

Because of all of this happening I haven’t read as much as I hoped I would have done and I am still behind on my reading schedule thing. More about that in the December TBR Pile!

Monthly Report format is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link in the description!

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