The Last Voyage (chapter 2)


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“It’s Aslan, My Lord”, he said. “He wants to see the girl.”

He turned his gaze to look at Cate, which made Caspian look at her as well. She stared back at the man in mere surprise.

A short while later she opened the door which led to the room where Aslan was being treated. The people in there all nodded at her, before they walked out, leaving her alone with the magnificent lion, hidden behind a veil of white linen.

But when she pulled it aside, it was not a lion lying in front of her. It was a man; muscular with tanned skin and golden-brown hair and beard, like a mane around his face. His eyes were closed and there were a few drops of sweat on his brow; he was in pain. Cate slowly sank down next to him, grabbed a towel from nearby and wiped them away.

Then he slowly opened his eyes, revealing his dark blue irises that looked straight into her. And she instantly knew that this was the Great Lion, but in a different shape, because no other creature could possibly have those eyes.

“Hello”, she said silently, unsure about if it was the right way to greet him.

“You’re the girl they saved from the water”, he said. “The one who sees things that no one else understands.”

“Well, I… I just… it’s just imagination”, she mumbled, blushing. It made him smile. He raised a trembling hand and touched her face; it was warm because of the fever.

“Imagination is good”, he whispered. “Otherwise I would not have sensed you. I… I would not have seen…”

He drew a rigid breath and closed his eyes momentarily, his body trembling.

“Who did this to you?” Cate asked sharply. “Who was it that attacked the Dawn Treader when they were leaving?”



Story Excerpt: The Lion, the Witch & the Daemons


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     “Edmund, please, let’s get away from here.”

The dark-haired boy sighed and looked at Lissandia. His dæmon was fluttering around him as a small bird, her grey eyes piercing him with fear. He looked away, determent to not show the Germans any fear.

“Come on, Lis”, he said. “They won’t hit us, we’re too far away from where they will aim their attacks.”

“How do you know that?” Lissandia muttered and changed into a lemur. Edmund had never liked that shape much; she looked like a ghost, and even though he loved his dæmon very much and would never ever blame her for taking whatever shape she wanted in the end, he truly hoped that it wouldn’t be a lemur. He shivered slightly.

“They will probably be aiming at the Magisterium and those places”, he said as an answer to her question. “We are extremely far from anything that they would wish to destroy.”

As a proof to that he was right, a bolt of anbaric light shot down from the sky and hit right next to the Magisterium.

“Look!” he exclaimed, excited. He didn’t really feel any compassion to the humans down in the centre, from his point of view this was an amazing show.


Story Excerpt: The Last Voyage


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It was supposed to be a regular exercise, just to see that everyone would be able to get out in case of fire. The students were moving down the stairs at a calm pace, talking and laughing as if they were just heading out for lunch.

But then they smelt it. The smoke. There was a fire somewhere in the school and it seemed to be spreading. Panic erupted as people tried to get out as quickly as possible.

When they had all gathered on the front porch; teachers, students and visitors, they could see where the fire came from. It was the classroom on the top floor located in the farthest end of the building.


Kelly Welsh rose from her wheelchair, about to rush into the school, despite her injured foot. Another woman grabbed her and held her back.

“He should have gotten out”, she said silently. Kelly turned slightly and saw the face belonging to a former student and nowadays guest lecturer at the school. Cate Jacobs looked stern and worried as she gazed at the flames leaping out through the windows. Still she had been calm when she spoke those words.

And Kelly knew she was lying.


Story Excerpt: Lucy’s New World


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She slowly turned away from her new friends and walked back to her siblings. Then they all started to walk towards the tree and through it. Right before stepping into the huge hole in the trunk, she turned back and met Aslan’s gaze. He nodded and she continued her walk.

She stepped out on a small cliff and jumped back towards the wall with a surprised yell. She then turned her head to the left, looking for her siblings, but they weren’t there. And there was no door in the other direction either.

She was stuck.

“You’re alright?”

She looked up and noticed a girl about Peter’s age on the top of the cliff, about one and a half meters above her.

“I… I think so…”

“Did you fall or something?” the girl continued and lay down flat on her stomach to try and reach her. “I heard you scream.”

“I… I don’t know, suddenly I was just… here.”

The older girl nodded.

“Take my hands, I’ll get you up.”


Story Excerpt: Untitled Multi Crossover


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”Lily, get down from that tree right now!”

“Oh come on, Kiara!” the brunette high above called back. “What’s the adventure in life if you do not take chances?”

“Look, I just have a bad feeling about today”, Kiara answered. “Let’s get back to school and just…”

There was a scream from the school-building a couple of meters ahead. Lily jumped down from the tree and ran alongside her friend along the road.

“What did I tell you?” Kiara said as she yanked the doors open and ran up the stairs.

“Just a coincidence… hey, why did you stop?”

Her friend had stopped in the doorway that led to the big gathering-area, staring at something inside the big room.

“Get it away from me!” one of the teachers screamed. Lily managed to push her way past Kiara and stared at the woman, screaming and waving at something impossible.

“Anne, there’s nothing there”, the history-teacher tried, but Anne the science-teacher just continued.

“It hurts! Get it away from me!”


One-Shot/Drabble: A Simpler Adventure


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Edmund groaned and backed away from the sack he had been using for boxing. He really didn’t know why he had signed up for boxing this term; he wasn’t a fan of the sport, he really hadn’t bothered that there was a boxing-team at school before this term.

Now his trainer, Mr Scott, was heading his way. It was the fifth time during this practice-session only!

“Pevensie, are you an elf?” Scott roared. Edmund blinked, trying to understand what this sarcastic comment meant.

“No, sir”, he answered after a while.

“It looks like you are”, Scott continued, his voice roaring across the room despite the fact that he was standing only five meters away from Edmund. “Are you trying to wrap that sack in paper and bring it to Santa so that he can go away in his magical sleigh and give it to some poor, poor child?”

Edmund almost bit back that Mr Scott should not make fun of Santa; he had after all met the old man when back in Narnia. Just in time he realized what a jerk he would look like if he said those words. So instead he remained silent, his ears flashing red.

“Now go and handle the weights, let someone who knows how to kill handle the sack”, Scott continued, pointing towards the corner where the team kept their weights. Yet again Edmund almost said that he had killed people and he was proud of it, but then who would believe him? And even more, who would believe him if he said that only some of those people had been human…

Muttering some foul words he headed over to the weights, lifted them one by one, not sure which one to use.

“Here, why don’t you use this?”