Book Report: March 2017

I don’t know why I didn’t post this sooner. There hasn’t been anything keeping me from doing it, really. I guess there was so much happening at the start of April – with the terror event in Stockholm and also my decision to really try and pursue writing as a plausible career – that this ended up being shelved. And now it’s nearly May. Yay, planning!

Anyhow, here is the monthly report for March and fingers crossed you will receive the report for April early next week. Format is, as always, inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link in the sidebar!


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The Scarecrow Queen (The Sin Eater’s Daughter)

Started: March 15, 2017
Finished: March 24, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

“In every fairy tale there is a kernel of truth, and that is the truth of this one. For him, I am poison. I am his death. And I will deliver.”

Actual rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I am so happy with this ending! Seriously, the ending of this book was probably the best YA series ending I’ve read in a long, long time.

In truth this whole book was enjoyable. It truly portrays the way the land (the whole of it) is under siege from Aurek, how cruel he is and how far he is willing to go to stay in power. There’s terror and blood and grime everywhere. And a rebellion.

Twylla is back as the character telling the story – for two thirds of it – and as I was reading things from her POV I found I had forgotten a lot from the first book. Which was kind of frustrating, especially since I listened to that as an audio book and the book has been removed from by audio book app so I can’t go back and re-check bits and pieces like I would when reading series otherwise. But I have to say that her POV was a lot less enjoyable than Errin’s – who only told one third of this story.

However, Twylla definitely grew throughout this book, from runaway princess to rebellion leader. As did Merek; I did not like his character at all in the first book, but now I suddenly found myself in love with him because, hey, I love a guy who likes to learn new things! And these things, combined with the vividness of this world’s terrors under Aurek’s reign, are what makes me push the rating up to 4.5 stars.

Shadows of the Forest

Started: March 8, 2017
Finished: March 14, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 1/5 stars

“My brother once said that each person has their own world after they die, a world after they die, a world where they can be everything they didn’t have the chance to be in life. I think maybe this is mine.”

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Actual rating: 1.5/5 stars

This is one of those books that would have needed more pages to make me enjoy it as much as I thought it would. At the moment everything felt a bit flat and boring, the adventure itself was over in a flash and there was no really interesting piece of character development. I liked the romance, even though it felt a bit like insta-love, but it was interesting. Enough to make me give this an extra half star (Goodreads, I’m waiting for that to actually be a possibility).

Apollyon (Covenant #4)

Started: February 12, 2017
Finished: March 14, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Whatever you do, don’t break my brother’s heart. You are his world. And if you leave it, it will destroy him.”

Actual rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

The thing about this series is that every book gets better and better and better. I loved 80% of this book so much and enjoyed the other 20% a lot. There’s action, romance and a lot of sassy remarks that really does not make this the ideal book to read while on a train because you will start laughing all of a sudden and have people staring at you.

I feel like I’m still on a bit of a high from this book and can’t form a proper sentence about all the things I loved, so let me just explain to you guys why I didn’t give this 5 stars. And I am going to hide that behind a cut just in case.

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The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2)

Started: March 1, 2017
Finished: March 8, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer.

This one intrigued me a lot more than the first novel and I can really start to see why people love this series. Ronan is an amazing character with an amazing backstory and I just loved listening to this because of him! The other characters became a lot more interesting as well in this novel – I didn’t really care about Gansey or Blue or Adam in the first book but now I found that I really, really needed to find out more about them.

(Notice how I didn’t mention Noah? Because he’s just a cinnamon bun that I liked from the start)

I liked the ending a lot as well, but the cliffhanger still did not make me want to pick up the next novel at once (I have them all downloaded as audio books, so I could have done that easily). And that’s a sign for me that tells me it’s not quite a 5 star book. Hence why I ended up giving it 4 stars instead. I am definitely going to pick up the next book soon, though, and I now have high hopes that that one might be a 5 star read.


Started: February 15, 2017
Finished: March 7, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

“You need to stay out of the mark’s head. They will think of anything when they’re in trouble.”

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a medium book. Fast-paced, action-heavy, but quite lacking in terms of making you connect with the characters properly. The story is interesting enough that you can look past that, but I have to admit that when there were characters dying I merely shrugged. Like it didn’t matter. I would have liked to feel more than that, honestly.

But as I said; the basics of the story are interesting and I would like to read more set in this kind of world where telepaths walk among us and act as assassins. That is a very interesting idea. But the story needs further development in order to engage the reader fully.

The Winner’s Kiss (Winner’s Trilogy #3)


Started: March 27, 2016
Finished: March 31, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

Alright, where is my “bawling my eyes out” GIF? Ah, there.

This book broke me. Which was what I hoped/dreaded it would do after the previous book, but this… if I hadn’t been distracted by random other things the day after I finished this I would have lain in bed all day (and I was very much distracted that day because my credit card got eaten by an ATM while I was in China and when I got that back I went to the Harry Potter exhibition and spent an hour running around there without many other visitors). Marie Rutkoski is absolutely brilliant – the books in this series are so well written and there’s so much political intrigue and moral dilemma and the characters are just… see, I can’t get a proper sentence out when talking about this!

I think that what I like most about this book – this entire series, really – is that its classified as a fantasy because it’s set in a different world but there’s no magic. It’s like reading a historical book but set in a country you’ve never visited, which requires a good amount of world building to achieve. Of course I also love the characters and I must say that they became even more interesting in this final piece of the trilogy than before thanks to the dramatic changes in their situation. Also Marie Rutkoski doesn’t pull any punches when describing the battles in this book. Kinda Game of Thrones-esq from time to time. Well, not entirely, but it does show that battles are not just a brief thing but long and tiring and bloody and messy. They’re not pretty – and that comes across in this book.

I think that I will have to re-read this trilogy eventually, when I’ve calmed down a bit. Now let me just wallow in despair due to the fact that it’s over