Cold Heart ch.46: Past Winters and Future Falls

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“So let me get this straight…”

Wolfgang looked up from his coffee, which, by the way, was his third cup this morning due to not getting more than three hours of sleep the previous night. Hook had not been answering his phone, but nevertheless Wolfgang had looked for him in all the places he frequented; the docks, mainly, The Rabbit Hole, the area around Granny’s. No result. And since he did not know of any spells that could help him track the man down – he definitely had to mention this to the others so that they could invent one – magic was unusable. By half past three in the morning he had been about to head back to the Mansions, but a run-in with Ruby (whose wolfish traits kept her out of bed) meant that he was convinced to stay the night at Granny’s Bed and Breakfast.

So that’s how he found himself having breakfast at Granny’s Diner at half past eight in the morning, after having been woken up by a call from some of his friends an hour earlier and, once they met up, been told to tell them what he had found. Which was not a lot. Indira had a whole lot more to tell about what she, Filipi and Danielle had been up to, which was what had led to Wolfgang being in the state he was in, but her story allowed him a lot of time to eat breakfast and try to get some energy back through coffee. So far he was not successful.

“Hook’s got his hand back, but with it comes some extreme anger issues”, Toby said opposite him. He was the one who had spoken before as well and he looked like he was deep in thought. A good thing; perhaps he would be able to make some sense out of this weird night.

“He attacks Will Scarlet”, Toby continued, “who’s broken into the library and stolen an Alice in Wonderland-book and ripped a picture of the Red Queen from it. Hook then runs off and is not seen for the rest of the night, while Scarlet is locked up at the Sheriff’s station.”



Cold Heart ch.45: Tracks in the Snow

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Eighteen minutes after hanging up the phone, Indira parked outside of Granny’s Diner. As usual on a Friday night the place was crowded and through the windows she was able to spot all of the seven dwarves at the bar and both Ruby and Ashley flitting between the tables, delivering drinks and food. Just as she closed the door on the red Audi she had been driving she saw Filipi and Danielle approach from a side street.

“Alright”, Filipi said, “where do you suggest we begin searching?”

“Well, I’d suggest starting off in the area around Tapenade Bistro”, Indira replied. “We don’t know much about Scarlet’s habits and what places he frequents, so we’ll have to try and track him.”

“Good idea, Deputy”, Filipi said with a grin. Indira groaned slightly.

“Not a Deputy.”

She then lead the way towards the restaurant in question, romantically placed near the park with a view of the pond.

“He’ll probably have wanted to get as far away from here as quickly as possible, in case Emma decided to chase after him”, Indira pondered and looked around. “Question is where? He’s not welcome in the forest as long as the Merry Men are out there, that’s for sure, and I know Emma’s been asking Ruby to keep an eye out for him if he pops in at Granny’s.”

     “I’m guessing that excludes the B&B as well”, Danielle said. “What about a bar? There is one in town, isn’t there?”

Cold Heart ch.44: Frozen Castle

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“So, what are these things for?”

Filipi looked up from her worktable, set up in the library of the Turtle Mansion. In the door leading in from the hallway stood her apprentice, Danielle, her long dark-brown hair tied back in a braid.

“What things?” Filipi asked in return. Her worktable was cluttered with objects, as was the library in general. There was a kind of order in the mess that existed in the room, but compared to, for example, the library at the Dragon Mansion the black and silver room was a disaster. And for some reason, no matter how many times the group living there pulled together to try and clean it up, it never stayed that way for more than a couple of hours. Wolfgang had joked that there might be a spell on the room that ensured its messiness.

“The containers on your table”, Danielle replied to the question and walked forward. “They weren’t there during our lesson.”

“That’s because they’re not lesson material.”

“So they’re anti-freezing-spell-material”, Danielle clarified.

“I guess you could call it that”, Filipi replied with a small smile. The brunette had, by then, reached the table and picked up one of the containers.

“Dragon scale? Really?”


Cold Heart ch.43: Snow Kisses

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After their run-in with the Snow Queen in the forest the white-clad woman vanished from the face of the Earth. Her ice cream shop stood abandoned next to Granny’s and, despite the ice cream remaining frozen, no one dared to eat it. Not even Roland, who loved the ice cream from that shop above anything else in Storybrooke. Search parties scanned the forest, but found not even a snowflake to point them in the direction of the Snow Queen’s hideout, and after a couple of days the town seemed to have almost forgotten about it all. Businesses were run as usual, people worked with the same projects they had always worked with and, as long as no one spotted the high wall in the distance, people looked happy and content.

Well, not everyone. For some the Snow Queen remained in their minds, present physically or not. Regina spent most of her time down in the crypt beneath her father’s mausoleum, going through book after book on magic in order to find a cure for Marian. Whenever Arianne was free from teaching duties she tended to join her, but no one else was allowed. Then there was Emma who, however hard she tried, could not forget the way the Snow Queen had addressed her. And if one came across one of the Four Mansions in the middle of the night you could be sure that the lights in that mansion’s library or any of the training rooms were on as people there worked to find a way to beat Ice Magic.


Sam looked up from the book he had been flipping through, without really paying attention to the text itself. Amber stood in the doorway to the Dragon Mansion library, frowning at him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. “I thought you had a morning lesson with Rachel.”

“Yeah”, Sam sighed and glanced up at the finely carved wooden clock on the wall. 8:40 in the morning.

“Well, why aren’t you?” Amber asked and sat down opposite him on the couch.

“We usually meet here”, Sam replied, looking down at the book again. Now that he actually tried to focus on the text again he found that it was a book about old Celtic religions.


Cold Heart ch.42: Wintertime

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     “So, who the hell was that, exactly?” Wolfgang asked.

“Her name’s Sarah Fischer”, David replied. “She’s been running the ice cream shop next to Granny’s since the days of the old curse.”

“And no one’s known that she’s the Snow Queen?” Indira asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “Didn’t you guys realize who everyone was when the first Dark Curse broke and you all regained your memories?”

“I’m guessing no one thought about going around and register every fairytale character that had been here”, David sourly said, then looked up as Emma appeared beyond the trees. His daughter did not look happy.

“No tracks”, she said. “Not a single patch of ice or stray snowflake or whatever she might leave behind.”

The blonde ran her fingers through her hair and paced in front of the rest of them, displaying all signs of stress that one could possibly display.

“What is it?” David asked. “Is it what Regina said before? Look, we’re going to find her. Don’t…”

“It’s not that”, Emma replied, “it’s this… Snow Queen. It’s like she didn’t just know Elsa but me as well.”

“Well, you are the Sheriff”, Brandon pointed out.

“And the Saviour”, Josh filled in.

“And royalty”, David finished. “I think pretty much everyone in Storybrooke knows who you are.”


Cold Heart ch.41: Ice Palace

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     The snowflakes had led them away from town and into the forest. As there was no trail to follow on the ground – not even a half-covered deer track – Killian had made it a habit to mark the trees that he passed with X:es, using his hook to quickly carve them into the bark. A habit that Elsa found very peculiar.

“What are you doing?” she eventually asked.

“Leaving a trail”, Killian replied. “I must say that I’m more accustomed to outrunning bad weather than following it.”

“Snow isn’t bad”, Elsa corrected, “and we’re following magic.”

“Try to outrun that too, when given the chance”, Killian admitted and marked the next tree. To his surprise both Elsa and Josh chuckled at this statement, causing him to turn around.

“What’s so funny?”

“Emma has magic”, Josh replied, “and from what I saw of you on Friday night you’re clearly not trying to outrun her.”

“Well, she’s one of the exceptions. And in the case of her and me… it’s more the other way around.”

“What, that she’s trying to outrun you?” Josh asked.

“Maybe she feels the same way about pirates as you do about magic”, Elsa suggested with a smile.

“I’ve worked to change”, Killian replied, “and, actually, being a pirate is not necessarily a bad thing, particularly if you happen to be a charming one like myself.”

“I think your self-appreciation is blinding you to a simple fact”, Elsa countered.

“That being?”

“It’s not about you; it’s about her.”

“Oh, so only a few short days have passed and you know Emma better than I do?” Killian asked and raised an eyebrow at the blonde. Elsa shrugged.

“We’re a lot alike”, she replied. “When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders it can be hard to let someone in, to trust them. Even when they want what’s best for you.”


Cold Heart ch.40: Follow the Snowflakes

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     “Have you found anything?” Regina asked as she walked into the conference room opposite her old office. The book from Arendelle was placed on the table and Rachel and the blonde Norwegian apprentice, Victor, took turns writing down translations of the runic scripture while Catriona, Sarah and Henry looked for other clues. There were sheets displaying the Latin alphabet equivalent of each rune spread out around the book to give this trio a chance to understand some of what was happening, perhaps even to teach them the runes, but since they did not know the language they were written in the knowledge was so far useless to them.

“Nothing yet”, Rachel replied with a sigh, rubbing her face with both hands. “All the sections in old English only tell the history of the land and, in many cases, they seem to be a translation or an abbreviated version of what’s written in runes. In some cases they tell of other things, but there does not seem to be a clear structure of the book, so we can’t tell where we might find some.”

“Which forces us to look at all the runic texts and see if they might be something of value”, Victor continued, his head bent over the text he was currently translating.

“How’s Marian doing?” Catriona asked.