The Christmasaurus


Started: January 22, 2017
Finished: February 4, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

‘I’m pretty sure the elves can’t make real dinosaurs.’

You should have seen my face when Tom Fletcher announced this book on his YouTube channel last year. I’ve been a fan of Tom’s since McFly begun (I blame my sister, who introduced me to the band) but I haven’t read any of his previous books – mainly because they are aimed towards younger kids and by the time they started appearing on the shelves all of my younger cousins were too old for bedtime stories (according to them). This book is different. It works for both adults and children, as a book you read by yourself or aloud to others. And it is amazing!

Not only does this book have fabulous writing, but it also has some amazing characters and deals with a lot of personal things. The main character, William Trundle, is wheelchair bound after an accident that killed his mother. This has never really bothered him until, one day, when there’s a new student in school – Brenda – who decides to make William’s life miserable. And gets the whole school to side with her instead of remaining friends with William. For the first time in his life William realizes that he is different – and he hates it. Despite not really believing in his father’s stories about Santa and the North Pole anymore (did I mention William’s father loves Christmas?) William writes a letter to Santa asking for the one thing that might make him happier: a dinosaur.

And it turns out that that is exactly what Santa has.

In short: prepare for the most Christmas-y adventure of your life!


Windwitch (The Witchlands #2)


Started: January 11, 2017
Finished: January 21, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

It is always easier to blame gods or legends than it is to face our own mistakes.

Actual rating: 4.5/5 stars

I was so glad and excited to dive back into this world. Susan Dennard’s writing and characters are amazing and I had missed all the sarcasm that the first novel contained. However, this book was definitely different. Darker.

Unlike in the first book this one has a ton of different story lines and POVs as all the main characters of the first book are split up having their own adventures. And without the support of the other characters, I actually found Merik to be kind of boring and depressing. Even though his chapters soon started to be filled with a hell of a lot of information and action, I almost wanted to skip them because I could not stand him. This got a lot better towards the end, though, when a lot of questions about Merik and his sister were answered. So to everyone else; don’t give up on Merik because I think he’s got a lot left in him for later books!

Safi and Iseult – off on their own adventures – where as wonderful as in the first book. Iseult is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters of all times; I think I’d be a lot like her if I was suddenly thrown into this world. Also my dream ship from Truthwitch almost seems to be sailing!
(scared that Susan Dennard will decide to sink it, though……)

Another great thing about this novel: HBTQ people that are now possibly in an actual relationship! I want that to happen so badly!

So, overall, loved this book but not as much as the first one and I’m already counting the days until the next one is published because oh my god it’s going to be Aeduan’s book!

Twelve Doctors of Christmas


Started: December 21, 2016
Finished: December 21, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
…the Twelve Doctors Christmas stories!

(yeah, that rhyme didn’t work, moving on)

This was the best thing ever to listen to while Christmas cleaning an entire house. I loved that there was one story for each Doctor, because I’ve been missing the old ones.
No, not all of the stories were 5 stars – but so, so many of them were spot on perfect. There were fun stories, sad stories, dramatic stories, action-filled stories, stories focusing on adults, stories focusing on kids – and the references throughout the entire thing were amazing.

In short, I might have found a new Christmas tradition.

The Forgetting


Started: November 5, 2016
Finished: November 17, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Okay, so, I thought this story would go in an entirely different direction. I doubt I would have if I had taken a closer look at both the summary and the list of genres listed for the book on Goodreads.

Quick summary for you all; main character, Nadia, lives in the walled city of Canaan where, every twelve years, people forget their entire lives. Due to this they all carry books on them where they write down everything that happens to them during the day, what they feel and think and who they’re friends and family are. There’s just one small issue: since everyone forgets everything, it’s easy to lie and create a new life for yourself every twelve years. Nadia knows this – because her father did exactly that, and Nadia is the only one in Canaan who has never forgotten. As the next Forgetting approaches, Nadia – along with the glassblower’s son, Gray – starts to notice things about the city that do not make sense, as well as things outside the city, which is not a place that people should venture into. Together they try to solve the riddles of Canaan before the Forgetting happens – before Nadia, once again, is the only one to remember the truth.

And now a part of the review that does contain spoilers.

When I started this I was convinced that I would be experiencing something akin to The Maze Runner where the people in Canaan were held in their city and made to forget because of some experiment created by the government. Imagine my shock when I realized that this was actually about a frikking space colony gone wrong! Oh, I love when books do that to me!

Other than that little spoiler, I also enjoyed the characters and the romance. What makes me not give it a 5 star rating is mainly that I would have liked more world building, because I had quite a bit of trouble imagining the setting from time to time. But other than that; man, this book was good!

Black Jade (Emma Donahoe #9)


Started: October 11, 2016
Finished: October 23, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars


Actual rating: 4.25/5 stars

Mind you; I love this book, I love this series, I love these characters. And I’m gonna miss it now that it’s finished and it’ll probably be a series that I go back and re-read bits and pieces of. This series – all nine books, not just the last trilogy – has helped me deal with the post-moving-back-to-Europe-from-China-feels and given me so much interesting tidbits of Chinese traditions and, yeah, I just love it.

However this was not the best ending. Yes, everything that was supposed to wrap up was wrapped up. Yes, there were many epic moments and heartbreaking moments. But I felt like there were so many things that needed to be solved and explained in this one book that the storyline was a bit jumpy. It almost felt like two or three shorter books made into one.

There’s definitely a big difference between the storyline’s flow in the first book and this last book and I think that even though change is part of growing as an author, there is a point when you almost have to stop and go back a bit. This book could have done with more thinking of the flow of the story.

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)


Started: September 9, 2016
Finished: September 30, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

Excuse me, Sarah J Maas? Yeah, I have something to say. You cannot kill me twice in the same year. Alright? That’s not fair.

Honestly, though, HOW GOOD WAS THIS BOOK??!!

Definitely a lot better than QoS – the story line here felt more solid and the characters more settled into who they are. I’m still not that into the Rowan/Aelin ship, but there were other ships in this book and I ship them all. And I’m terrified for their future because that ending basically broke all of them apart.

I’m not even sure how much I can write here because, let’s face it, it is the fifth book, everything I say is probably going to spoil some small piece of what’s going on. So I’ll settle for these words; old favorites returning from Assassin’s Blade, lots of interesting new places and characters, magic, starting to feel that this series is a prequel/sequel to ACOTAR, EPIC ending and WHERE THE HECK IS CHAOL???!!!!

Everyone alright with that? Good, because I’m not going to be okay until I have the final novel in my hand. Next September.


Sula’s Voyage


Started: August 4, 2016
Finished: August 13, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from author Catherine Torres in exchange for an honest review

Okay, so, this book was a really interesting read. The writing style has a really nice flow to it and you easily get lost in the story. It kind of reminded me a bit of Mister Pip – and interestingly the covers sort of work together for these two books.

Anyhow; this story follow’s Sula, who was born out at sea – and, strangely, her skin is very dark while both of her parents are white. She is expelled from school after people start to believe her to be a witch and instead spends her time at her father’s university lectures. Things seem to be perfect for a while, but then her father is offered a research position in the Caribbean and Sula has a fight with her boyfriend James. And when her father leaves, Sula’s mother decides that they should go visit her best friend, who’s dying in cancer. While there, Sula starts to explore the possibility of her actually having magical powers.

I found it really interesting to read a novel based in a different mythology than European – or Chinese, for that matter, since I’ve read quite a bit of that as well. And Sula was a really, really good main character. The storyline progressed really nicely, there was a lot of character development and all in all it was a really, really good read. The only thing that let me down a bit was that the relationship between James and Sula was not that detailed and that there was also a hint of a love triangle, which I was not in the mood to read.

Overall, however, this was a really good read and I highly recommend it.