Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms #1)

Started: August 11, 2017
Finished: August 31, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Lies can make harsh truths less painful. But I believe pain is essential for growth.

This was one of the first excerpts I read after receiving a recommendation to read this shortly after actively starting to use Goodreads – and after reading that I felt a bit “meh”. But when I was asked to read this for the Make Me Read It Readathon this summer, I decided to give it a go.

I did not end up reading it during the readathon – I started it during that time, but finished it much later – and after finishing it I still felt a bit “meh”. I’m not sure about the characters or the world or the writing. Everything felt very much like an introduction to a larger story, which, in part, is why I’m still interested in reading the rest of this series. Not sure if I’ll do it in 2018 or if I’ll wait even longer – but if I do I might have to re-read this again just to make sure I remember the things that happened in this novel.

I think I’ll let the rest of you decide. Should I read the rest of the story as soon as possible? Is it worth it? Let me know!


Me Before You (Me Before You #1)

Started: August 7, 2017
Finished: August 9, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.

Once, Will was a young man who lived every day to the fullest. Then, one day, he is injured in a motorcycle accident and ends up in a wheelchair, unable to use his hands or legs. Unable to, in his opinion, live. And then someone new enters his life; Louisa Clark, a young, quirky woman who, despite all her spunk, despite all her crazy outfits, seems to settle. Does not push boundaries.

Two very different people – who turn out to be exactly what the other one needs.

Me Before You is a beautiful, heartwrenching story that leaves you numb after you’ve read the final page and – as one person warned me before picking it up – may cause some severe book hangover. It’s actually really difficult to pick up another story after this because it just stays with you. Makes you wonder if you’re Lou – who settles for things in her life without questioning them – or Will – who once never settled for anything. Or if you’re somewhere in between.

Jojo Moyes’ writing is absolutely brilliant and her characters seem to jump out of the pages of the book while you read. Despite the sadness of the story, you want to be a part of it. Want to be a fly on the wall in Will’s cottage as the two banter and make each other feel seen. This is a must-read for everyone, regardless of reading preference, because it, other than being beautifully written, also gives you a very important thing to ponder. Though, what that is, I shall leave all you future readers to find out for yourselves.

Dragon Age Omnibus

Started: August 6, 2017
Finished: August 6, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

I’m Alistair Theirin, and I’m King of Ferelden. Son of Maric the Savior? You’re… really not convinced, are you?

So my sister introduced me to Dragon Age last autumn – and, slowly, I fell into this fandom. I am by now totally hooked, but this was, unfortunately, not quite my cup of tea. It might have to do with it being a graphic novel and I’m not that into graphic novels, since I tend to feel like they move forward too quickly. What I did like about this, however, was that the characters were true to who they are in the games. And it felt good to get back to laughing at Alistair – aka “Prince Butt” (ask my sister) – and his lame jokes.

Caraval (Caraval #1)

Started: July 21, 2017
Finished: August 3, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Hope is a powerful thing. Some say it’s a different breed of magic altogether.

Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

This book gave me mixed feelings.

The story is entertaining, the locations are amazing and well-written and you feel yourself getting lost in the world of Caraval more and more with every page. And you never seem to be able to pinpoint who is good and who is bad. You never know who to trust. Oh yes, to begin with you will trust just about anyone – and then you’ll grow cynical, distance yourself from everyone and everything. As if everything is a trick. Not something you can trust. And then you go in the opposite way; you trust everything and everyone once more. And will have your heart broken and then pieced together for it.

The main character, however, is a bit blah. Not someone that intrigued me that much – I actually found her to be quite stupid at times. Yes, I’m a Ravenclaw; I get annoyed when characters don’t see obvious answers or listen to reasonable arguments. I also found that the romance was very, very predictable. Enjoyable – and not really off-putting – but if you’ve followed my reviews for some time you’ll know I do have some trouble with predictability. So that does lower my rating of this as well.

I am, however, intrigued by the epilogue and what a second novel set in this universe might entail. So I will most likely pick up that book fairly soon after it is published.

A three month book report

First of all I want to apologize for not posting for so, so long on this blog. The last month has just been… hectic is almost too small of a word to describe it, but yeah. I started working at a new school mid-August and even though I’m really enjoying it it always takes a while to get into the rhythm and routines of a new workplace. There have been some conflicts that needed to be solved in my class, some conflicts in other classes that I needed to deal with, injured children rushed to the ER (luckily it wasn’t as serious as it first looked) and, yeah, a lot of things.

I also haven’t posted a book report since June. The one I was supposed to post for July never went up because first I was up hiking in the Swedish mountains and right after that I started at the new school and everything about it just got pushed to the back of my mind. The one for August was, similarly, ignored because of the ton of things I had to deal with at work.

The tempo of both August and September have forced me to not read as much as I would have liked, but I haven’t gotten behind on my reading plan because I read so much in July thanks to the triple readathon I did back then. So I’m still on route to completing my goal and if I get my reading back on track now that I feel a bit more comfortable with work and stuff I might actually be able to read more than I thought I would this year.

Because of the length of this book report I won’t add any comments to the Book/Worst/Surprise/Disappointment of the Month.

As always, the format of this is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link in the sidebar!

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Started: August 20, 2016
Finished: August 20, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

NOTE! This review contains spoilers!

Yes, this script gave me the emotions because of what it is – a new Harry Potter story. I have to be honest with you guys, though; I did go into this with the same mindset that I go into a FanFiction, meaning that I did expect there to be some major differences to various characters and such. And I think that might be a good mindset to have when reading this story because there are a lot of times when the characters act a bit OOC.

However, this does not mean that the story is bad. It’s different – not bad. There are elements of it that made me wrinkle my nose, but most of it is good. And we have Scorpius Malfoy. SCORPIUS MALFOY!! God, I love Scorpius after reading this script. Character of the year award to you, young sir!

So yeah; Scorpius is amazing. Albus is mostly cool. Ron is hilarious. Was really happy to see Severus. Those characters made me smile when I read about them.

I am not, however, buying the thought of Voldemort and Bellatrix having a child. That was just… no. Not shipping that in any way. Also the excessive time turner usage became really confusing after a while – and I have to agree with some people who noted that parts of this do not put Cedric Diggory in a good light, which is horrible because Cedric is an amazing character who deserves to be remembered correctly.

In short; it was an enjoyable read and I might re-read it, but don’t go into this expecting a full on sequel for the 7 Harry Potter books.

Sula’s Voyage


Started: August 4, 2016
Finished: August 13, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from author Catherine Torres in exchange for an honest review

Okay, so, this book was a really interesting read. The writing style has a really nice flow to it and you easily get lost in the story. It kind of reminded me a bit of Mister Pip – and interestingly the covers sort of work together for these two books.

Anyhow; this story follow’s Sula, who was born out at sea – and, strangely, her skin is very dark while both of her parents are white. She is expelled from school after people start to believe her to be a witch and instead spends her time at her father’s university lectures. Things seem to be perfect for a while, but then her father is offered a research position in the Caribbean and Sula has a fight with her boyfriend James. And when her father leaves, Sula’s mother decides that they should go visit her best friend, who’s dying in cancer. While there, Sula starts to explore the possibility of her actually having magical powers.

I found it really interesting to read a novel based in a different mythology than European – or Chinese, for that matter, since I’ve read quite a bit of that as well. And Sula was a really, really good main character. The storyline progressed really nicely, there was a lot of character development and all in all it was a really, really good read. The only thing that let me down a bit was that the relationship between James and Sula was not that detailed and that there was also a hint of a love triangle, which I was not in the mood to read.

Overall, however, this was a really good read and I highly recommend it.