The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer #3)

Started: July 3, 2017
Finished: July 7, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

“She knows exactly what I want,” Sorcha says in that cheerful, singsong voice of hers. The one from my nightmares. “Don’t you?”

Alright, first, a round of applause for this amazing trilogy

This book provided a perfect ending for the story Aileana, Kiaran and all the others. Well, no, it wasn’t 100% happily ever after. That’s not what I wanted for this either; with these books Elizabeth May has shown that she’s not afraid to hurt her characters, both physically and mentally, and I doubted she’d shy away from killing some. Yes, there are characters – characters that I love and adore – that died in this novel. I’m not going to write who, though!

The novel begins with Aileana coming back from the dead – literally. She crawls out of the ground with no memory of who she once was, but knows that she’s human. However, while dead, she’s somehow received faery-like powers. From who, she doesn’t know, but she still uses these powers. Against everyone. That includes people she once saw as friends – though now she does not remember them.

As Aileana manages to reclaim her memories, she’s instead faced with the issue that the world is breaking apart. With an Unseelie King and a Seelie Queen, magic is draining away. Only one of them can rule and thus restore order – but in order to do that, siblings Kiaran and Aithinne have to kill each other.

Oh, and the powers Aileana has received? They will kill her. Again. She’s on borrowed time.

So yes, drama and action and blood, just like in the previous two novels! And it’s all absolutely perfectly mixed with a bit of Scottish sass. We get to meet more faeries from myths and legends told through time – good and bad ones – and the romance… oh my lord, the romance! So bloody amazing! Other than Aileana’s impending return to the dead, there’s also the possibility that Aithinne might be the one to kill Kiaran. Aaaand there’s also the issue that, now that Kiaran’s Unseelie again – and not just any Unseelie, but the Unseelie King – he has a thirst for human blood. As the king, his thirst is greater than other Unseelie. See how this might turn out to be a bit of a problem?

Now? Well, now I just keep my fingers crossed that Elizabeth May has a new project planned, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive without more books from her!


The Vanishing Throne (The Falconer #2)


Started: November 19, 2015
Finished: November 22, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

Literally cannot use that picture often enough for this book

This book was incredible! I thought the first one was good but this… yep, it’s official; I love Elizabeth May.
The Vanishing Throne is definitely darker than the first book in the series, The Falconer, but it also introduces so many new and interesting characters. At the same time you also find out a lot about the already existing characters’ previous lives and long buried secrets that really puts things on edge and makes you go, well, like this:

Yep, I used it again. Had to. It’s the best way to describe what I’m feeling right now.

Really not sure how much else I can write here without spoiling the entire book because it is definitely a wild ride full of intrigue, romance and a whole lot of other things from the very first page. And yes; there are some parts that are a bit slow – but in my opinion you basically need them or you’ll have a heart attack midway through the story. Instead of at the end, when the story – ONCE AGAIN – ends in a major cliffhanger. If I had a physical copy of this book I would have thrown it into a wall (luckily I only have the ebook) because it caused me to feel way too many things despite being quite short.


The Falconer (The Falconer #1)


Started: April 23, 2015
Finished: May 4, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 5/5


Bloody hell! I guessed I would like this book because a) set in Scotland, b) slightly steam-punk-ish, c) badass heroine, and d) faeries. But you cannot just end a book like that!
(or, well, I guess you can, but COME ON!)

Anyway, trying to write a “proper” review; this book was brilliant. Like I said the heroine and main character was incredible. Loved the background stories to the various events taking place and the setting in general. The three main male characters (you’ll know them when you see/read them) were also incredible and kept causing me to either laugh or facepalm. Or both.
Will definitely read the continuation of this!