Once Upon a December (chapter 11)

Synopsis: While walking the Fade, Solas (aka the Dread Wolf) finds himself pulled from Thedas to Earth – and ends up teaching a human girl how to use her latent powers in the Fade. Four years later, Big Ben is blown up in an terrorist attack. By mages. When the human girl – Elena – saves her sister Jane by using magic, they become the main suspects – and Solas is too far away to help.
But there are others who are much closer…

Chapter 11 (summary)

        The elf by the broken window did not bat an eyelash.
“You think I find that threatening, harellan?” he asked. “Once, I did not know your tricks. I’ve had a lot of time to learn them.”
He pushed himself off of the wall and walked closer. Solas took a step back, closer to the couch.
“You’re that protective of a lowly shemlen?” the elven intruder asked. “How far you’ve fallen.”

Read the chapter here
Read the story from the beginning here


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