The Mandorian Chronicles (nation teaser #8)

The Mandorian Chronicles is an upcoming series of 6 books written by me, classified as YA Fantasy. I am currently posting the first novel to a select few who have been asked to read and review it. If you are interested in reading this before I ever go into publishing it, let me know, either through the “review request” here on this blog or through my Goodreads account.

In order to give you all an idea of this book I am going to post teasers of the novel here.

All nation teasers can all be found through this tag. To find all post related to The Mandorian Chronicles, follow this tag.

Art pieces found through Pinterest and belong to their respective creators!

The South

Mythical King: The Silver King
Capital: Sorrorno (old)

The Silver King ruled the southernmost kingdom. It was the warmest kingdom, mostly desert, but the king had used his powers to build cities around the oases and cause them to flourish despite the climate. His people never had to worry about food or water, or about getting lost out among the dunes, but compared to the magic of the other kings his magic was nothing but a party trick. [-] After that he vanished and his kingdom became nothing but a desert once more.


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