The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus #5)

Started: May 29, 2017
Finished: May 31, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Complaining of unfairness is like assigning blame, Percy Jackson. It does no one any good.”

My initial rating of this was a 5, but after a few days of thinking and reflecting, I decided to lower it to a 4. Why? Well, in part because the ending felt quite predictable. Even though you didn’t know the details of what the ending would entail, you knew the major key elements, which sort of took the fun out of it all. I also felt I had to lower it because this book had way too many POVs. Note; none of the POVs were bad. They were all entertaining and it’s fun to listen to the thoughts of different characters. But with so many POVs and so many separate storylines, the story does end up feeling a bit chopped up.

So yeah; lowering the rating because of some more stylistic issues I had with this.

Other than that I loved this book. I love the characters, I love my new ships, I love the settings and the witty use of words and, yeah, love it 🙂 I loved that Nico was given a POV (that was definitely a necessity), his friendship with Jason (which begun in the previous book) and with Reyna – and the possibility of a romance with Will, maybe, please? Leo was another favorite and I’ve heard some rumors that he’s in the next series as well (please, someone, confirm!). Also; what’s with all the references to other pop culture things? I mean, Doctor Who, Hunger Games?!

Seriously, this is a good book – but I actually think it might have benefited of being split into two separate novels, one following the crew of the Argo II and another following Nico, Reyna and Hedge. That way more detail could have been included and you could have had actual scenes depicting things only mentioned in passing. The book about the Argo II crew could easily have ended with the fight in Athens, while the other concluded with the battle at Camp Half-Blood where everyone is together again.


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