The Crown’s Fate (The Crown’s Game #2)

Started: May 24, 2017
Finished: May 26, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

“But what about family? And friendship? I think we’ve been blind to the importance of those.”

So yeah; this wasn’t the best read. I didn’t enjoy the first book that much either, honestly, but it was definitely the better of the two and I would have preferred if it remained a standalone. This felt as if some people complained about Nikolai’s death in the first novel and the author gave in and decided to bring him back. Which only caused trouble.

I would actually have enjoyed the story more if Nikolai stayed dead/a shadow. If the battle at the end had ended almost the same, but Nikolai hadn’t regained life. Instead he should have accepted death, which would also have plausibly given Vika and Pasha a chance. Despite Pasha’s flaws, I did like him more than Nikolai.

I still enjoyed the setting and the magic and mythology. Hence why I still gave this 2 stars instead of just 1.


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