Inyoni Rocks (Amanzimtoti #2)

Started: May 28, 2017
Finished: May 31, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

“How could God hate you? He loves all his children, Wayne. God can’t hate you for the way he made you.”

I received a copy of this book from the author. This has in no way impacted on my review.

This. Book. Broke. Me.

Considering the first book, I knew it would. This book deals with equally dark and heavy topics as the first one – and they feel just as real. Even though the text is captivating and rich, you sometimes have to put the book down just to remind yourself that you are just reading words. That the panic attacks, beatings and thoughts of just giving up on life are only what you read, not what is happening around you in your life right in that moment.

While the first book focused on what happened in Wayne’s life and how his past affected how people – his family – treated him, this book also brings up what happened with Kyle. And we see how easily a few choice words can change someone from someone nearly everyone likes, to someone everyone avoids as if he had the plague. How far some people are willing to go to “cure” people of another sexuality. But it’s also full of good messages.

The quote at the top is definitely one of my favorites from this novel. It is definitely one I would like to write out in big letters and show everyone who somehow thinks heterosexuality is the only way to live. Another scene – and quote – that struck me as heartbreakingly true was one spoken by Kyle to Wayne after the former had taken a beating.

“What did we do to them? What did we ever do that was so wrong?”

With those words, I’ll end this review – along with the hopes that you will pick up this series if you have not yet done so.


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