The Mandorian Chronicles (teaser #1)

The Mandorian Chronicles is an upcoming series of 6 books written by me, classified as YA Fantasy. I am currently posting the first novel to a select few who have been asked to read and review it. If you are interested in reading this before I ever go into publishing it, let me know, either through the “review request” here on this blog or through my Goodreads account.

In order to give you all an idea of this book I am going to post teasers – short snippets – of the novel here as the chapters go up in the document. The first one you can find below.

Book 1: The Return

(teaser #1)

Everywhere they found them – the Alliance – and every time they did there were fights. Skirmishes. Battles. The continent was bathing in blood. Blood that could have been spared for another occasion.

At least this corner of the world was still undisturbed by all of that. Yes, there were soldiers, but they were her soldiers. Morak. Trustworthy. Loyal. And terrified of her. Just the way she liked it.


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