Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3)

Started: April 13, 2017
Finished: April 16, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

“Maybe I dreamt you,” he said.
“Thanks for the straight teeth, then,” Adam replied.

Okay, alright, so, this is probably the most disturbing book so far in this series – and it’s also the best. And I don’t even know how I feel about me feeling that!

I think, however, that what makes this book so amazing is the character and relationship development that happens in this book. I mean, Ronan and Adam are AMAZING – and I know that they will get together in the final book because, hey, if you don’t read a popular book right when it comes out you’re bound to find out what happens to certain characters prior to reading it.

But yes; this book was disturbing. The ley lines are disturbing. Disturbing to a point where it becomes an addiction! People used to say I wrote disturbing stories, but I think I was mainly focusing a lot on the details while writing a battle scene or something. This is disturbing on a Wonderland level (and you guys know I’ve previously rated Wonderland retellings low because I do not like those things but somehow I liked this a lot).

In short; I’m still in shock regarding how much I loved this book!


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