#YASH Spring 2017

Anyone up for a scavenger hunt?

I sure am!

If you didn’t know about this before, the #YASH is a biannual scavenger hunt where you can win signed copies and other goodies from many many many YA-authors. This year’s Spring #YASH started two days ago (April 4th) and ends on Saturday (April 9th). There are 100 authors divided into 5 teams – red, gold, blue, purple and pink – and you have to go from one author to the other in order to complete the scavenger hunt.

Each team member has posted a blog post about their participation in the #YASH, where they include a presentation of a fellow team member, special content from this fellow team member (could be extra chapters from their novels, fancasts, playlists, illustrations etc.), a secret number and a link to the next author you should visit during the hunt. In order to complete the hunt you need to find all of the secret numbers for one team, add them together and enter it in the entry form on the official #YASH page. You can enter once for each team and if you win the raffle at the end of the hunt, you get one novel from each member on that team – which means 20 novels.

Some of the authors also host individual giveaways in relation to this and you should definitely try to enter those as well!

So if you haven’t done the #YASH before, why not try it this time around? Don’t worry; you can use a calculator to get the correct numbers. Just make sure you find them first – some authors might try to trick you.

Here is the official #YASH site where you can find more information on the event and also all of the participating authors.

Happy hunting!

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