The Siren (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry #1)


Started: January 28, 2017
Finished: February 12, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

His scent was like a wild river rushing under the summer sun, making her blood wild.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy from the “Rachel E. Carter YA Book Club” on Goodreads

Alright, so I received a recommendation to read this quite a while ago (unfortunately the recommendation is no longer listed among the ones I’ve received so I’m guessing whoever recommended it to me has left Goodreads). When it was announced as one of the books that would be available for a Read & Review through the Rachel E. Carter YA Book Club I was very, very happy because I had not been able to find it anywhere.

First, let’s go through the things that I enjoyed with this book:
— The main character, Lucienne. The definition of girl power, I’d say – especially since she’s, genetically, not supposed to exist as her line (the Sirens) can only breed males. She has her faults – such as being a bit impulsive at times – but I still found her to be a really good main character.
— The fact that the story has a modern setting. When reading the synopsis I was 100% sure it was set in some historical past – and I found it really interesting that it was, in fact, a modern, technological Earth that I faced when I read the first chapter.
— The technology. The Sirens have a lot of impressive technological inventions at their disposal – and the best scientists. Back in school I hated the subject of physics (honestly, it was the only subject that I only got a good grade in because I was good at studying in general, not because I enjoyed what I was studying), but I’ve found that – as an adult – the subject of quantum physics is incredibly intriguing. This book had quite a bit of that, which I liked a lot.

As you can see, however, I only rated this 3 stars. A medium rating. Which means that there were things I did not enjoy that much as well.
— What the synopsis describes does not even begin to happen until half-way through the book. Which means that, until I got to that point, I felt as if I was reading a completely different story and was incredibly confused.
— The world-building was somewhat lacking. I was already confused because of the synopsis-thing mentioned above and I felt that the world-building did not help lessen that confusion. At times it was incredibly difficult to understand what was going on, where it was happening and between which characters.
— The love-triangle itself. This isn’t such a big thing, really, because it’s in the synopsis and I’m not that against love-triangles – and this one had some logical reasons for being a thing – but whereas the romance bits were good before the love-triangle was introduced, afterwards everything in this area felt a bit “meh”. I would have loved to have some more details in every romantic situation the characters found themselves in (you know I’m a sucker for details).

All in all, a medium rating and I will most likely try to read the next book in the series as well.


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