Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts #1)


Started: February 5, 2017
Finished: February 10, 2017

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

She didn’t do people, dammit. She did books. A world of difference.

Alright, so this isn’t a bad book. It’s quite entertaining once you get to the sort of mid-way point. What makes it a bit dull from time to time is that there are so many POVs to keep track of and not all of them are interesting to listen to. I have a feeling that if I had not listened to this as an audio book I might have skipped some chapters dealing with POVs that did not interest me.

At least until we grew closer to the end, because that’s when they all start to weave together. It’s sort of like… okay, I’m going to use a likeness I read somewhere and I don’t remember exactly where but anyway; imagine looking at one of those old tapestries you see in castles and the like. If you look at it from the back it’s really, really difficult to understand the picture; it just looks like a big mess. But then you turn the tapestry over and suddenly that mess of threads on the back of it makes sense. And that’s how I felt with this book; until I got to the point where all threads suddenly wove together it felt like several different stories to me – and then they suddenly became one.

I am, however, going to leave this rating at 3 stars because I still felt like there were POVs that were unnecessary to add and that I didn’t really connect with. But I am still going to read/listen to the next novel when it comes out (in September, I believe it is).

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