Endure (Defy #3)


Started: December 17, 2016
Finished: December 20, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

I’m so, so happy that this book was not like Ignite because then I might have DNF:ed it shortly after starting it!

Whereas Ignite was predictable and slow – in my opinion – Endure kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole novel. I loved how the kingdom of Dansii turned out to be compared to the other two kingdoms – and how that made the whole story so much darker than the previous two books.

Also, I liked the romance much better in this novel than in the previous two. It felt more real, more accurate – it wasn’t just a fairy tale thing anymore. And that meant heartbreak warning! My main ship in this series was slaughtered – and I mean that in the literal sense!

In short, I’m really happy with the ending to this series. Well done!

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