(a very late) Book Report: November 2016

Okay, so, this is really, really late but I’ve basically spent the first half of December going to London, getting sick and then trying to finish up everything at work before Christmas break – and then I spent the last week trying to catch my breath. Which meant that I did actually get some reading done during this last week, but more on that later. This is the November book report and – you know the drill – it’s inspired by C.R.M Nilsson (link in the sidebar)!

(and yes; when it comes to November I only listened to audio books because I had barely time to sleep, let alone sit down with a physical book)

Number of books read: 4

The Forgetting
Queen of Hearts
Death Sworn

Number of pages: 30 hours 29 minutes of audio
Average rating: 3.25

Written by men: 0
Written by women: 4
Written by American writers: 4

Book of the Month: The Forgetting
Worst of the Month: Proposal
Surprise of the Month: Death Sworn
Disappointment of the Month: Propsal

Currently reading: Portal of a Thousand Worlds (Duncan, Dave) / Stalking Jack the Ripper (Maniscalco, Kerri)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: An absolutely wonderful sci-fi-dystopia that kept surprising me.
  • Surprise of the Month: I had no expectations for this – which was perfect, because then I could really, really enjoy it.
  • Worst of the Month / Disappointment of the Month: Didn’t live up to the previous books in the series. Will still read the rest of the series, though, hoping it lives up to the previous novels.

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