Death Sworn (Death Sworn #1)


Started: November 27, 2016
Finished: November 28, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

First thing that I thought when this was recommended to me was “that is a gorgeous cover… oh, yeah, and the plot sounds kinda interesting”.

When I actually found it as an audio book, though, I had trouble starting it. Mainly because of that it was quite short for an audio book, which has spelled some trouble for me before, and also because I felt like it might be too much like a lot of other books I’d recently read.


Jeez, I absolutely loved the story of this novel, and the magic and the characters and the romance – although I was constantly afraid it would turn into a proper love triangle. So, so good! Why not give it 5 stars, then, you might ask? Well, I was a bit disappointed in the world building. As it was an audio book I had no map or anything to flip back to in order to understand how things looked and geography and stuff and then I sometimes got confused regarding if they were inside the caves or not, how far it was between the caves and the village etc. That’s the sole reason for it and thus I still highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!


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