BookTubeAThon 2016 – TBR


I’ve been monitoring the BookTubeAThon YouTube channel for quite a while now, eagerly anticipating the challenge announcements, and was so excited when they were finally announced! But good god, these challenges will be difficult to do!

If you’re unfamiliar with the BookTubeAThon it’s a readathon hosted by booktuber Ariel Bissett and takes place during one week every summer. There’s also a holiday readathon for Christmas, but it’s smaller and I rarely have time to be a part of it as Christmas is a busy time for me and the family. But the summer BookTubeAThon is the event of the year! There are 7 challenges that vary from year to year and you are allowed to read a book that matches one or more of these challenges, but the 7th and final challenge is always to read 7 books during the week.

This year the BookTubeAThon takes place between the 18th and 24th of July, and those dates might cause some trouble for me when it comes to reading as much as I want because it’s mine and my sister’s birthday week (our birthdays are the days after one another). So there’s going to be some party prep to do and we’re also travelling to my grandparents on my birthday (I don’t mind doing that), so my reading time will be quite minimal. But I’m going to try to complete as many challenges as possible anyway!

This year’s challenges and my TBR pile are as follows:

  1. Read a book with yellow on the cover – The White Rose
  2. Read a book at night/after sunset only – The Great Gatsby
  3. Read a book that you discovered through Booktube – Rebel of the Sands
  4. Read a book by one of your favorite authors – Princess of Thorns
  5. Read a book that’s older than you – Treasure Island
  6. Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  7. Read a total of 7 books – leaving this kind of open, but these are some of my options
    1. The Casual Vacancy (depends on if I manage to read this during the Make Me Read It Readathon)
    2. Sense and Sensibility (depends on if I manage to read this during the Make Me Read It Readathon)
    3. Prince’s Gambit (depends on if I manage to read this during the Make Me Read It Readathon)
    4. The Girl with the Windup Heart
    5. The Forever Song

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