The Sleeping Prince (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #2)


Started: May 14, 2016
Finished: May 25, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

Before I start the actual review; I’ve seen several people saying that this is a companion novel to The Sin Eater’s Daughter and that you therefore do not have to read it. I’d like to alert you all to the fact that it’s not a companion novel – unless you also call Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles) a companion novel of Cinder.

Alright, now; review time!

This novel started out quite slow, but I started to feel very intrigued by the new characters and the new settings relatively quickly. I just had this feeling that things were going to happen and when they did they would happen fast and be very intense. And god was I right!

In this novel the main character, whose POV we read this from, is Errin, the brother of Lief from the first novel. When Lief moved to Lormere, he left his sister and grieving mother in a small hamlet just west of the border. The kind of hamlet where everyone is somewhat shady. One of the shadiest characters is Silas, who always wears a hooded cloak and gloves. Errin has no idea what he looks like, but still the two have become sort-of-friends. And now both of them have to deal with the evacuation of the hamlet as its being given to the country’s newly created army, stationed there to fight off the Sleeping Prince, who – after being summoned by the Lormere royals – has claimed Lormere for his own and is now moving to strike across the border.

At the same time Errin is on the hunt for a cure for her mother, who’s showing symptoms of having become a werewolf-like creature (a Scarlet Varulv – the word Varulv means Werewolf in Swedish) and has started to think that only the Elixir of Life, created by an alchemist, might be the solution. The alchemists, however, vanished over a decade ago.

Sounds interesting? Then do pick this book up! It has adventure, romance, drama and some bloody amazing plot twists that made me scream (I think my neighbors were worried about me for a bit while I read this). Characters from the first book show up again, still dealing with the events that happened three months earlier, as well as new characters. Errin and Silas, whom we see a lot of in this story, are really, really fun to read about – and the Sleeping Prince is a scary sh*t.

That’s all. Go read this. Now!


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