A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOTAR #2)


Started: May 4, 2016
Finished: May 13, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

I rarely, rarely, rarely use this word but FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK!

Alright, so remember how in awe I was over ACOTAR last year? And that I named it my #1 book of 2015? And that I added GIFs to my review of it and my GIF when it came to Rhys was this?

Well. Well. Let’s change that, shall we?

God, this book was so absolutely brilliant and it dealt with a lot of minor details that I had picked up on in the first book – but because of how good that one had been as well I had just ignored them at the time. There’s the ruling of the Spring Court, which I already then thought was very… rigid compared to how you perceived Tamlin. As the Spring Court was now back to normal – or as normal as it can become after Amarantha’s tyranny – you got the full view of that. Add a PTSD High Lord and the cracks really start to show – and Feyre falls into those cracks, but doesn’t even realize it until Rhysand comes in and demands that she meet the terms of their bargain.

Once you get to the Night Court you really start to realize how different things can be done. How different Rhys actually is – that he has so, so many layers and so many faces that he has had to show off to maintain peace. You find out about Rhys and Tamlin’s past – which was possibly the only letdown in this story because I’d hoped for something a bit more dramatic – and the divisions within the Night Court itself. You finally get a kingdom in a fantasy novel that is themed around darkness that isn’t just evil! Do you know how happy I am about that?

I’m also so ridiculously happy that the retelling aspects in this one were much more vague than in the first one. Yes, Hades was the Lord of the Underworld and Persephone was the Goddess of Springtime, but the retelling of the myth is not as apparent. It is rather re-imagined in a way that pleases me – especially since I’m writing some stuff on Greek mythology at the moment and that Hades is the main character of this stuff… Anyway; what I think SJM wants to point out with this is that just because of that something is labeled “night” or “dark” or whatever it doesn’t immediately equal “evil”.

The ending of this novel was amazing. I have no other words to describe it and even now – several weeks later – I’m just mind blown by what happened. We have so many new players to take into consideration in this deadly chess game and it both scares and thrills me!

Aaaand I’m also very angry that it’s an entire year until the next one comes out. FUCK


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