I’m sorry!

So, so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in almost a month! A ton of stuff has happened at work and it’s been taking its toll – I just haven’t been able to focus on anything in my spare time, be that reading or writing. It’s getting better, though; grades have to be set next Monday and then it’s just 1½ weeks of fun activities with the students before the summer holidays. I’ve gotten back to reading somewhat this week as it’s been calmer, but I’m still not in the right zone to write reviews, Monthly reports or TBR Piles. I’ll probably post a Monthly report for April at about the same time as I post the one for May – so in the first days of June. No TBR Pile post this month because of that the days are slipping by so fast, but there will be one for June. Expect reviews for books in late April and May to be posted next weekend or so!


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