The Stars Never Rise (The Stars Never Rise #1)


Started: February 28, 2016
Finished: March 6, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 2/5 stars

Thanks Giulia for this book!


Alright, so this was sadly a disappointing read. I read the excerpt for this story a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it because of that it was a really, really cool dystopian idea. Then I received it for Christmas and was incredibly excited to read it, but it did not turn out as great as I had hoped.

First there’s the insta-love. When that happened I was about to DNF the book.

Second there’s the fact that the events in this book take place over a total of 3 days, if I counted it correctly – and most of the time is spent sitting around in an abandoned apartment doing nothing. There’s no progress at all.

The end was kind of good, however, which is the reason why I did not rate it 1 star. But I still won’t continue this series. It brought it up to two stars, just about, but there were too many “ugh”-moments for me to be interested in reading more about this world and these characters.


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