The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1)


Started: February 10, 2016
Finished: February 14, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars

Thanks Dorothy for this book!

Alright, so let’s rewind a bit to when I got this as a recommendation on Goodreads – you know, one of those “Because you liked this book you might like this as well” automatic recommendations. I didn’t like the cover and I didn’t like the blurb – or at least they didn’t intrigue me. It’s not like I think the cover’s ugly because it definitely isn’t, but it didn’t say “Hey, Sandra, come and read this book!” and neither did the blurb. So I thought “well, maybe at some point I will read it” and basically put it at the bottom of my TBR.

And then I started seeing reviews popping up on my feed. One by one people that I follow gave this book really high ratings. Eventually I just had to read the excerpt – and it blew my mind.

So I was delighted when Dorothy sent me this book for the Christmas Book Santa. And it was such a good book! I love this world, I love the mythology/religion and the characters – and I definitely was kept in the dark when it comes to who was the Assassin and who was the Prince out of the two guys chasing after Lia (the main character). Which was brilliant!


I know that the whole love-triangle-thing is becoming a bit… well, overused by now, but I did enjoy this one. Mainly because of that Lia seemed more interested in Rafe than Kaden up until the point when she thought she wouldn’t see Rafe again. Yes, she found Kaden attractive, but she didn’t allow herself to fall for two guys at the same time. In fact it was more like she lost her first love, worked through the pain and then allowed herself to fall for another. The only problem with this, is of course, that Rafe was coming after her all along, which sets up a bit of a problem for the next book. Also I have no idea which of the possible ships in this triangle that I’m supporting. It’s a bit like in Throne of Glass where you just can’t help but ship everyone!

I’m still overwhelmed with feelings, as you can tell by this review I’m sure. But I absolutely loved this story and Mary E Pearson surprised me by liking my post about it on Instagram. So yay!


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