Book Report: January 2016

The first month of January has rushed past us! At least in my opinion. I haven’t gotten as many books read as I would have liked, mainly because I haven’t been feeling too good – I’ve had to deal with a lot of stress-related issues and such. But it’s better now.

The format of this monthly book report is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link in the sidebar!


Number of books read: 5

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sherlock Holmes’ Rediscovered Railway
Stories: Four original short stories
Storm Siren
The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

Number of pages: 1746 (+ 2 hours of audio)
Average rating: 4.4

Written by men: 1
Written by women: 4
Written by American writers: 3
Written by British writers: 1
Written by Canadian writers:

Book of the Month: Cress
Worst of the Month: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Surprise of the Month: Rook
Disappointment of the Month: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

Currently reading: Från Holmes till Sherlock (Boström, Mattias) / The Forgotten Sister: Mary Bennet’s Pride and Prejudice (Paynter, Jennifer) / Pure (Armentrout, Jennifer L.)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: I didn’t think I could like a book in this series more than I liked Scarlet. I was so bloody wrong. This book had me screaming and crying and laughing and face-palming all at once!
  • Surprise of the Month: This was the kind of book that it took quite some time to get into and feel like you could actually finish – but once you got past that “possible DNF” point it was really, really good!
  • Worst of the Month/Disappointment of the Month: Way too predictable, way too much focus on the romance, terrible ending compared to the first book. I’m actually thinking of lowering the rating of this…

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