Started: December 27, 2015
Finished: January 4, 2016

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

This book was definitely a good book to start off the year with – even though I did read half of it in 2015… but anyway; good book! When I read the excerpt back in May (2015) I thought that it did feel a lot like Le Misérables – even though it’s set in the future – and that feeling stayed with me throughout the whole read. The writing did get kind of dull from time to time, though, which was why I had to put it away for a few days in order to feel like I could get through the second half. But that second half was sooooo good! Really; once you pass the 250pg mark the book becomes really intense and so much is happening and it’s a clear 5 star book. The reason why I cannot rate it at 5 stars is that the first part was – as I said – rather dull. So I compromised and gave it a 4 😉

Anyway; characters. Love, love, LOVE René Hasard. I need him in my life, like, now. Sophia Bellamy is also a really good character, albeit not my favorite female lead. I disliked Spear Hammond as much as I loved Réne. I liked Tomas Bellamy, even though he was not featured too much, and passionately hated LeBlanc. Some of the other side-characters were also interesting, but these five definitely had more of an impact on the story.

Definitely recommend this, but like I said; the first half of the book is kind of dull and you need to get past that to really get a feel for it.


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