Book Report: December 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! As you might have noticed I had to lower my reading goal for 2015 from 100 to 95 – which is still a lot of books. Basically grading and final exams and all of that took too much time. Because of this I won’t set 100 books as the goal for 2016 – work will be even more intense this spring because of national exams. I will, in short, have to correct about 150 exams in English (~50 of those are essays) and 45 exams in Swedish (15 are essays). And then there are regular exams in other subjects to correct as well and grading once again. But I am going to try to read as much as possible when I have some free time!

I will post a full year report on Sunday, most likely, but for now I’ll just write down the December report (and later also the TBR Pile for January). Format is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link in the description!


Number of books read: 8

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales
Cruel Beauty
Ja jag har mens, hurså?
The Eternity Cure
First Year

Number of pages: 2381
Average rating: 3.75

Written by men: 2
Written by women: 6
Written by American writers: 6
Written by British writers: 1
Written by Swedish writers: 1

Book of the Month: Libriomancer
Worst of the Month: Ignite
Surprise of the Month: Cruel Beauty
Disappointment of the Month: The Eternity Cure

Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures (Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret) / Rook (Cameron, Sharon.) / Från Holmes till Sherlock (Boström, Mattias)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: Geeky hero with the ability to pull stuff out of books – I love it!
  • Worst of the Month: Partially because of the reader of the audiobook, but also because of that it was quite predictable. Only the final part of the book was even remotely interesting.
  • Surprise of the Month: A friend was reading this right before I started this and gave it a bad review and we usually have the same opinions in books so I was very scared that I wouldn’t like it – but I did!
  • Disappointment of the Month: Definitely held too high expectations for this book after The Immortal Rules. Sorry. But still going to read the final book of the series!

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