2015 Book Awards

I am an award-show-geek, simply put, so I decided to give out some awards to the books I’ve read during 2015.

(yes, I know that 2015 is not quite over yet, but if I don’t put this up now I’ll be super-stressed this upcoming weekend for personal reasons)

There are 32 awards – some for good books, some for bad books, some for authors, some for characters, some for romantic ships etc. Each category has a winner and a runner-up – winners get banners that be posted both here and on their Goodreads book reviews.


Book Categories


A book that I will have no trouble re-reading without being bothered by the fact that I already know everything that will happen.

Winner: The Amazing Book is Not on Fire
Runner-Up: Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales


A cover that made me drool because of the gorgeousness it presented!

Winner: Of Beast and Beauty
Runner-Up: Shades of Milk and Honey


Action = not necessarily lots of fighting and wars and stuff, but things happening. All. The. Time.

Winner: Crown of Midnight
Runner-Up: The Immortal Crown


A book set in the modern day world (may include flashbacks to past events).

Winner: Juliet
Runner-Up: Lejontämjaren


A book set in a future where everything’s gone to hell.

Winner: The Immortal Crown


A book that might involve magic, possibly set in another world and with other creatures than humans involved. Not to be mixed up with Sci-Fi!

Winner: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Runner-Up: Demon Child


A story set in the past – opposite of Contemporary.

Winner: Lady Thief
Runner-Up: Envy


A book that tells of real life events.

Winner: 438 dagar
Runner-Up: I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban


Set in the future, involves complicated technology, possibly other races than humans.

Winner: Of Beast and Beauty
Runner-Up: Scarlet


Complicated technology in Victorian times.

Winner: The Girl in the Steel Corset
Runner-Up: The Falconer


A book that I had heard a lot of good things about but found that I did not enjoy even half as much.

Winner: Splintered
Runner-Up: Soundless


A book where I could easily determine what would happen next – not something I enjoy!

Winner: Tiger’s Curse
Runner-Up: 666 Park Avenue


The overall worst read of the year.

Winner: Tiger’s Curse
Runner-Up: A Noble Assassin


A short-story that accompanies a series or stands alone. Might be included in a collection!

Winner: The Assassin and the Empire
Runner-Up: The Son


Best full-length novel of 2015.

Winner: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Runner-Up: The Immotal Crown

Character Categories


Why Carswell Thorne (Lunar Chronicles)? The moment this guy showed up in the second book of the series my head matched him up with Flynn Rider from the movie Tangled. Don’t ever let them be in the same room – the commentary would be constant!

Runner-Up: Jace Lightwood (Mortal Instruments)


Why Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass)? I have a habit of falling for characters who have trouble showing their feelings, because I’m the same. Over the course of 4 books Chaol’s shell has shattered and rebuilt itself into a slightly different one, but it’s only made me crush even harder on him.

Runner-Up: Raffe (Penryn and the End of Days)


Why Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments)? Clary has annoyed me from the first book and the only reason why I kept reading the series was that I loved the other characters and because of that they liked Clary I, in the end, sort of ended up liking her to… it’s complicated…

Runner-Up: Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses)


Why Meghan Chase (The Iron Fey)? I liked the story much better whenever Meghan wasn’t a part of it. The moment she showed up I just sighed. Get lost!

Runner-Up: Kelsey Hayes (The Tiger Saga)


Why The Emperor (The Winner’s Trilogy)? The creepiness. Every time he showed up I had goosebumps.

Runner-Up: Queen Levana (The Lunar Chronicles)


Why Celaena (Aelin) (Throne of Glass)? If she competed for Prom Queen she’d charm half the room and threaten the other half until everyone voted for her. End of story.

Runner-Up: Kestrel (The Winner’s Trilogy)


Why Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)? Let’s change that question to “why the hell not?”

Runner-Up: Justin March (Age of X)


Why Emma Donahoe (Emma Donahoe Series)? Emma has been one of my favorite characters ever since I read the first book about her and now that the series is coming to an end she’s matured so much and reading things from her POV is a real treat.

Runner-Up: Marian (Scarlet)


Why Elias (An Ember in the Ashes)? Elias telling his story was a real treat. He’s a complicated character trapped in a situation that is in no way ideal to him and it’s absolutely brilliant to follow his thoughts.

Runner-Up: Four (Divergent)


Why Celaena (Aelin) (Throne of Glass)? All the BAMF-award go to Celaena (Aelin)! Don’t you dare argue with me!

Runner-Up: Sydney Sage (Bloodlines)


Why Akiva (Daughter of Smoke and Bone)? Akiva is probably the most interesting male character I’ve read about this year and after finishing book #2 he’s the hero closest to my heart.

Runner-Up: Isaac Vanio (Magic Ex Libris)

Ship Categories


No romance here! These two characters are destined to be nothing more than friends – and I hope the author listens to that!

Runner-Up: Dorian & Celaena (Throne of Glass)


This pairing made me want to vomit. Not a pairing I root for. Nope.

Runner-Up: Merek/Twylla (The Sin Eater’s Daughter)


These two characters haven’t even met and still I root for them to become an actual couple. Pleeeeeeease!

Runner-Up: Dorian/Manon


Where’s that GIF of a happy sigh? God, I love these two together – and I live in constant fear that something’s going to happen to them in the two novels I haven’t read!

Runner-Up: Chaol/Celaena (Throne of Glass)

Author Categories


I always get ecstatic when I discover a new writer and this year was full of such new discoveries, but I think the one that affected me most was when I discovered Melinda Salisbury. Looking forward to more from her!

Runner-Up: Sabaa Tahir


The overall best author that I read this year was Sarah J Maas. Apparently she could do no wrong in my eyes!

Runner-Up: Marie Rutkoski

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