Book Report: November 2015

So November’s been a stressful month for me. We’ve been doing National Exams in school – or my students have and I have been grading them. And at the same time we’ve also had some issues with the kids’ parents and teachers who have left because they could not handle being treated like shit anymore. So definitely a month I’m glad to leave behind.

Because of all of this happening I haven’t read as much as I hoped I would have done and I am still behind on my reading schedule thing. More about that in the December TBR Pile!

Monthly Report format is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link in the description!


Number of books read: 7

Tiger’s Curse
The Immortal Rules
Broken Stone
The Vanishing Throne
Days of Blood and Starlight

Number of pages: 2678
Average rating: 3.9

Written by men: 0
Written by women: 7
Written by American writers: 6
Written by Scottish writers: 1

Book of the Month: Scarlet
Worst of the Month: Tiger’s Curse
Surprise of the Month: The Immortal Rules
Disappointment of the Month: Soundless

Currently reading: Cruel Beauty (Hodge, Rosamund) / Libriomancer (Hines, Jim C.) / Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales (Richards, Justin)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: So, so happy that I decided to continue with this series despite not being that impressed with the first book. Scarlet became one of my favorite characters and I kept thinking of Captain Thorne as Flynn Rider…
  • Worst of the Month: Nope, was not impressed by this. Predictable and boring.
  • Surprise of the Month: I was not impressed with the Iron Fey series, but this is good! More classical vampire!
  • Disappointment of the Month: Yeah, I’m not the only one who wasn’t impressed by this. It fell flat compared to Richelle Mead’s previous stories, sadly.

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