Started: November 11, 2015
Finished: November 14, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 3/5 stars

Actual rating around 2.5-2.7

First, here are the things that I enjoyed about this book; Chinese mythology and culture, the romance and the politics
Things that I did not enjoy; the writing style, the characters and the setting

Alright, so when Richelle Mead announced that she was publishing a Chinese folktale book I was pretty excited because of my ties to China and my interest in Chinese culture in general. However it fell short. I had no trouble reading this book and getting invested in it, mind, but there were still things that I felt were… wrong. One thing being calling it a folktale. The definition of a folktale is a tale or a legend originating among a certain group of people. It’s often passed from generation to generation orally and it often has a valuable piece of advise to give. This is, by definition, not a folktale. I thought it might be a retelling of a folktale, so I did some research on that point but found nothing. So I can’t define it as a folktale or a retelling of a folktale; it’s simply a story using elements of Chinese mythology.

If it was a folktale I could accept it being not fully developed when it comes to characters and setting, because then it’s quite important that the tale can be adapted to suit whichever environment and time you happen to be in at the time. But now it just feels really… flat. The characters are still interesting enough for me to read a the full story, but they are not interesting enough. Same with the setting. I would have preferred some further developing and a longer story to this. The romance and political issues were, on the other hand, much better written and made the storyline more interesting to read – but thanks to the characters falling flat I kept imagining other characters instead of the ones I was reading about during, for example, a romantic encounter.

So yeah; this book was a bit of a disappointment to me.


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