The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1)


Started: October 31, 2015
November 11, 2015

Language: Swedish
Rating: 4/5 stars

Alright, so this is definitely one of the better “classic” vampire stories I’ve discovered in years – probably since I found Vampire Academy in 2011 (counting the Bloodlines spinoff to that series as well). And I’m so surprised (in a good way) that it’s a Kagawa book because I’ve not been that big of a fan of her work before.

The Immortal Rules is a post-apocalyptic story where the vampires have emerged from their hiding places and, basically, taken over what’s left of the world. There are vampire cities where the vampires rule and the humans are their cattle. And cattle is registered – but there are also people who refuse to be registered and live in poverty and fear of being killed by hungry vampires. Main character, Allison, is one of these people. During the days she hunts for food in a walled city. During the nights she fears vampires and the Rabids – people who survived a terrible plague but were changed into zombie-like creatures whose only instinct is to kill. Allison hates the vampires, but then, during a food search, she is mortally wounded and changed – into a vampire.

Allison – or Allie – is a really interesting character to read about, both as a human and as a vampire. The setting is creepy but feels incredibly real, as if this could be something that could happen very soon. And Allie’s fight against her new, vampire instincts are much realer than, for example, Bella’s transformation into a vampire in Twilight. Here bloodlust is not something that is trained away in a day, no matter if you have strong connections and feelings for various humans or not. It’s constant – and, after a certain time without fresh human blood, uncontrollable. Vampires are dangerous beings – and this book emphasizes that point. The ending’s phenomenal and I’m currently very, very glad that I have the second book standing on my shelf already.

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