Book Report: October 2015

A few days late – been incredibly busy lately – but here is the book report for October! It’s been a really weird month for me – I had a few days when I felt really depressed because of work and some days when I felt amazing, some periods when I had way too much to do to even try to read and some when there was absolutely no problem doing that. But in the end I managed to read more than I thought I would.

Format is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson – link to her blog in the sidebar!


Number of books read: 7

Four: A Divergent Story Collection
Alice in Zombieland
An Ember in the Ashes
The Amazing Book is Not on Fire
The Immortal Crown

Number of pages: 2731
Average rating: 4.4

Written by men: 1
Written by women: 6
Written by American writers: 4
Written by British writers: 2
Written by Danish writers: 1

Book of the Month: The Immortal Crown
Worst of the Month: Alice in Zombieland
Surprise of the Month: Nightshade
Disappointment of the Month: The Amazing Book is Not on Fire

Currently reading: Broken Stone (Walker, Kelly) / Tiger’s Curse (Houck, Colleen) / The Immortal Rules (Kagawa, Julie)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: So after reading the first book in this series I had a feeling it would get better – and it definitely, definitely did in this one! If I had not been working while reading this I would have spent an entire day reading it from cover to cover!
  • Worst of the Month: Yes, it’s another Alice in Wonderland retelling that I didn’t like – though this one was not too much of a retelling and the characters were quite good but I’m so conflicted about this because of zombies…
  • Surprise of the Month: I thought it would be a lot less interesting to read than it was. A very interesting background, very interesting characters and caused a need to instantly read the next book!
  • Disappointment of the Month: No, no, no, it wasn’t bad. I was just disappointed that it was so short and there were not more stories to read about these brilliant two guys. That is all!

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