Splintered (Splintered #1)


Started: 5 September, 2015
Finished: 26 September, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 2/5 stars

So while reading (or listening) to this and another Alice in Wonderland retelling, I discovered something; I am not that into the story at all. In fact most Wonderland adaptions or retellings creep me out a bit and this was, unfortunately, no exception. Which is a shame because I like the characters in this story; Alyssa, Jeb, even Morpheus – even though he definitely creeped me out for about 90% of the story. The story also contains lots of twists and turns and it is very hard to predict what’s actually going to happen, which should have made me enjoy it a lot. But I didn’t – I just felt really uncomfortable and found myself refusing to listen to it (audio book, remember) for longer periods of time. And because of this I cannot give it a higher than 2 stars. In fact I was close to marking it as DNF, but forced myself to push through and I have to admit that I did enjoy the last 2 hours (roughly 20%) of the story a bit more, which is why I don’t give it a lower rating than 2. But I’m not sure I will continue this series. Sorry!


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