Princess of the Midnight Ball (The Princesses of Westfalin Trilogy #1)


Started: September 9, 2015
Finished: September 11, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

I was thrilled when I found this book because of that it’s based on one of the fairy tales that I discovered reasonably late, which (in my head) means that it’s less famous. But both the original and this retelling are very good 🙂

This retelling seems to be set in a fictional version of Europe, as countries have names that are – often – plays on the names of real countries or regions. And I also think that it draws quite a lot on the Barbie version of this tale, considering that the princesses are all named after flowers (note that in the Barbie movie they did not have these names, but each princess had a specific flower as their symbol). But other than this it does follow the original tale quite closely, apart from the fact that in this version the princesses are the ones who are cursed to dance, while in the original tale it’s the princes that they dance with who are. For me that’s quite nice, because I don’t see why a fairy tale must be twisted and turned until only the basics remain for it to be seen as something new and exciting. Just changing a few details is definitely enough for me to enjoy this 🙂

Hope to get around to the second book soon!


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