Book Report: August 2015

Alright, I’m a couple of days late, but that’s due to that this week has been about one very crucial thing; moving into my new apartment!

Because of this move and because of that I started my new work in mid-August, I haven’t been able to read as much as I thought I would (even with the BookTubeAThon happening), and also all of my hardcovers and paperbacks are now stashed in boxes until I get new shelves, so I’ve had to rethink my reading list – and adding audio books to it. Which has been an interesting thing.

As usual; format is inspired by C.R.M Nilsson. Link in description!


Number of books read: 8

Wicked Lovely
A Wicked Thing
A Christmas Carol
The Maze Runner
Doctor Who: Summer Falls and Other Stories
Ask For It
The Sin Eater’s Daughter

Number of pages: 2407
Average rating: 4.0

Written by men: 3
Written by women: 5
Written by American writers: 4
Written by British writers: 4

Book of the Month: The Sin Eater’s Daughter
Worst of the Month: Wicked Lovely
Surprise of the Month: A Wicked Thing
Disappointment of the Month: Wicked Lovely

Currently reading: Queen of Shadows (Maas, Sarah J) / Alice in Zombieland (Showalter, Gena) / Juliet (Fortier, Anne)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: I got a recommendation for this book about 6 months ago, but I just couldn’t quite find myself wanting to read it at the time. Then, when I was scrolling through my audio book app, it showed up as an alternative and I decided to give it a go. And I was definitely not disappointed! I had to listen to it whenever I had a moment to spare! And once I was done, I desperately wanted a sequel, so I sent a tweet to the writer – Melinda Salisbury – and she replied two minutes later! Great book and great writer!
  • Worst of the Month / Disappointment of the Month: So this month wasn’t that bad in terms of the books I read, but this one was a bit too predictable for my taste. There were events close to the end that made me like it a bit more and give it 3 stars, but no, it wasn’t as good as I had thought it would be.
  • Surprise of the Month: When it comes to fairy tales, there are two that I have loved since I was a kid; Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. But so far I haven’t found any good retellings of the latter. Until I read this book. Which isn’t quite a retelling, but more a continuation, which felt even better for the story itself. Quite brilliant, in fact, and a wonderful main character!

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