Defy (Defy #1)


Started: August 20, 2015
Finished: August 25, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

First time listening to an audio book, which was interesting. This particular audio-book had some stuff that annoyed me – the storyline was interesting and so were the characters, albeit the guys felt a bit too shallow from time to time, and the writer did a good job not shying away from the gruesome sides of war. It’s very much like A Song of Ice and Fire in that way. And the environments were interesting, too, as the main characters are from a country with rain forests and tropical temperatures, instead of a more “European” styled country. It’s fresh and new and different and also makes it possible for a diverse number of looks for the characters.

So all in all the book was highly entertaining, but the audio book format did not work for me in the case of this story. First of all because of that I got confused with the locations of the different countries and would not have minded a map to look at and study. That’s probably going to be a downside for all fantasy/sci-fi audio books that I listen to. Also, in my opinion, the one reading the story did not do a really good job. She did specific voices for all of the characters and, since the main character is a girl pretending to be a boy, she made a point of lowering her tone when M.C was speaking. But then she did the opposite for the Prince – in fact he ended up sounding very much like an old-fashioned Disney princess in need of rescuing. Which was very, very, very annoying.

So, in short, the story was interesting, but I would not recommend it as an audio book.

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