The Last Voyage (chapter 2)


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“It’s Aslan, My Lord”, he said. “He wants to see the girl.”

He turned his gaze to look at Cate, which made Caspian look at her as well. She stared back at the man in mere surprise.

A short while later she opened the door which led to the room where Aslan was being treated. The people in there all nodded at her, before they walked out, leaving her alone with the magnificent lion, hidden behind a veil of white linen.

But when she pulled it aside, it was not a lion lying in front of her. It was a man; muscular with tanned skin and golden-brown hair and beard, like a mane around his face. His eyes were closed and there were a few drops of sweat on his brow; he was in pain. Cate slowly sank down next to him, grabbed a towel from nearby and wiped them away.

Then he slowly opened his eyes, revealing his dark blue irises that looked straight into her. And she instantly knew that this was the Great Lion, but in a different shape, because no other creature could possibly have those eyes.

“Hello”, she said silently, unsure about if it was the right way to greet him.

“You’re the girl they saved from the water”, he said. “The one who sees things that no one else understands.”

“Well, I… I just… it’s just imagination”, she mumbled, blushing. It made him smile. He raised a trembling hand and touched her face; it was warm because of the fever.

“Imagination is good”, he whispered. “Otherwise I would not have sensed you. I… I would not have seen…”

He drew a rigid breath and closed his eyes momentarily, his body trembling.

“Who did this to you?” Cate asked sharply. “Who was it that attacked the Dawn Treader when they were leaving?”


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