Lose It (chapter 3)


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Chapter 1 / Chapter 1

TEASER (placed behind cut due to M-rated content)

“Lose it for me, baby”, he mumbled against her skin. “I need you to lose it.”

She responded with a moan. He felt her legs give away as he found a very sensitive spot on her shoulder and held her tighter, supporting her with his arms. His body screamed at him to devour her, to take her right there, roughly and fast, but he didn’t want that. He wanted her to lose it completely for him first, and to do that he himself needed to be in control.

Slowly, tauntingly, he unbuttoned her blouse, one button after the other, trailing after with his mouth. She gasped, moaned and writhed beneath his touch.

Then, when he’d moved halfway down, he straightened up and grabbed her again, kissing her full lips as he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom, placing her on the bed.

“I do not want you to fall down”, he mumbled as he left her mouth to continue his way down her torso. Soon he had undone the last button and started trailing his tongue over her smooth stomach, then moved higher, leaving a love-mark on her right collarbone as he kissed his way from shoulder to shoulder.

“Get… them… off”, she mumbled, grabbing his hand and moving it down to her jeans. He smiled and undid the button, then slowly pulled down the zipper. She growled at his pace.


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