Look Alike (chapter 3)



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“Captain, our scanners have detected the preparations of another explosion”, Data said, having returned to the controls.

“Shields up, red alert and on screen”, Picard demanded.

“What explosion?” the one with the suit asked.

“Terrorists down on Feltan III”, Picard answered and sat down in his chair.

“Right, good, terrorists detonating explosions strong enough to make the ship in the sky go to red alert”, the one with the bowtie said, his voice sarcastic. “What about the people down there?”

“According to the scan of the explosion that brought you here not one single civilian was injured”, Data said.

“What?” the one with the suit said. “How is that… what?”

“Doctor, there’s no time for a rant about impossibilities right now”, Rosalie said, making everyone once again turn towards the window. It was now used as a viewscreen and showed one small island in the middle of a green sea. The island was glowing.

Then the ship started to shake once again and the newcomers screamed in surprise.

“Get in the TARDIS!” both of the Doctors yelled. Amy and Rory obeyed and ran back inside the blue box. The Doctor wearing a suit looked at them with a strange look on his face. The other one met his gaze.

“You’re alone?” he asked over the sound of the siren. A hard blast prevented the man with the suit from answering; he fell forward and landed on the floor after having bounced against one of the controls.

“Doctor!” Rosalie yelled. “Doctor, are you alright!”


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