Facility 3.02B (chapter 2)


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She reached sick-bay not long after Doctor Crusher had returned there. Riker was also present.

“Anything?” Kate asked.

“No”, Doctor Crusher answered with a sigh. “They’re still in a coma. We have tried multiple ways of waking them but so far nothing has worked.”

“Where’s the fifth one?” Kate asked after looking around. “The one who seemed stronger than the others?”

“He was moved earlier this morning, I sent you a message about that, just as you asked”, the doctor answered.

“Yeah, forgot to check my messages this morning”, Kate muttered. “I overslept slightly.”

“Well, I would suggest that you do not head over to his room in any case”, Doctor Crusher said and walked over to the next bed. “We have had to place guards outside to ensure that he does not harm anyone.”

To that even Riker frowned.

“Do you mean he’s dangerous?” he asked.

“I would like to say that he’s in a shock, but so far none of us has been able to reach out and help him”, Doctor Crusher answered.

“Maybe I can do it”, Kate suggested. “Maybe he’ll understand that I wish to help him.”

“You are not heading there yourself”, Riker sharply pointed out. He then tapped his combadge.

“Riker to Worf!”



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