Of Beast and Beauty


Started: July 26, 2015
Finished: July 28, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 5/5 stars


I went through three stages of after-I-finished this book:

You can’t have a fairytale retelling without a happy ending, now can you? Boy gets girl, the two save their people from ultimate destruction and defeat the baddies. Wooohooo!

2. Wait, the book’s over? There’s nothing else to read about these people? About this world? There won’t be a sequel? It’s OVER???

3. I am now brimming over with feels and don’t know how to function but I’m required to because of family. Please send help.

Anyway, besides those reactions; this book was, as you might have guessed, really good. It’s another wonderful new twist to the classic Beauty & the Beast fairytale – which, if you’ve read my ACOTAR review, you’ll already know is one of my fav fairytales – set in a new world where the concepts of “beauty” and “beastly” differ somewhat, where there’s dark magic craving blood and light magic trying to bring back love. The main characters Isra and Gem are wonderful to read about and thanks to Isra’s blindness you don’t really know how Gem looks until somewhere midway through the book, which leaves your imagination running wild with ideas for how a “beast” might look – if he is really the one meant to be the beast. Because that’s another thing; you don’t really know who the beast is and who the beauty is. In this story they’re sort of one and the same – we all have beauty inside of us, as well as beastly qualities. It’s a matter of what we show to the world in that moment. And that, I think, is a wonderful message to send out.


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